These books/videos put me on the right track, I believe they are the reason I have to motivation to eat the way I do. Inform yourselves and it will no longer be a battle, you just won't want to eat it. 

Online Calculators
Losertown- to work out your weight loss timeline based on your intake & activity levels
Full Body Analysis Calculator- Detailed, body fat, calories- everything!
Body Fat Calculator- quick and easy body fay calculator
Daily Calorie Needs- how much should we be eating?
Weight loss ticker- good to track your progress and keep you motivated
Cronometer- Detailed records of your nutrition intake

Web Resources
Veg Source
Healthy Vegan Weight Loss
Nutrition Data
Vegetarian Victoria
Australian Vegetarian Society
Vegetarian Society of Queensland
The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii
(more on the Why Vegan? page)

Vegan Food: 
Thrive- The vegan nutrition guide- Brendan Brazier- This is the best investment! Cheap and full of great info complete with a recipe section and 12 week meal plan. It's written by a vegan ironman triathlete and has never steered me wrong. 
Vegancomicon, the ultimate vegan cookbook- Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero
Ani's raw food essentials- Ani Phyo
Ani's raw food kitchen- Ani Phyo
1000 vegan recipes- Robin Robertson
Vegan Food Blogs- the links are on the left side of my food blog

Vegan info: 
Skinny bitch- Rory Freedman & Kim Barnouin (quick read good for starting out)
The ethics of what we eat- Peter Singer and Jim Mason
Eating animals- Jonathan Safran Foer
Animal liberation- Peter Singer
Veg*n Shopper- Aduki Press, great list in a tiny book (like 2x3") of all the things to avoid.
VNV- vegetarian network victoria is a great website, but i'm sure there'll be one more specific to your area.
Vegan for Life- great all round source of info for everything veg
Eat to Live- Low fat whole foods plant based diet
The Happy Herbivore- Low fat whole foods plant based diet cook book
The Everday Happy Herbivore- Low fat whole foods plant based diet cook book
Vegan Yum Yum- Delish easy to make vegan meals
The complete guide to vegan substitutions- Help for veganising recipes- you don't need to throw out your old cookbooks, you can just edit the recipes!

General food/weight loss: 
The end of overeating- David A Kessler
Fat land: how americans became the fattest people in the world- Greg Critser
Ultrametabolism: the simple plan for automatic weightloss- MD Mark Hyman
The diet delusion- Gary Taubes
Food Politics: how the food industry influences nutrition and health- Marion Nestle
Don't eat this book- Morgan Spurlock (you know the guy who did supersize me?)
The China Study- Colin Campbell
The scientific basis of vegetarianism- Dr Bill Harris
The McDougall Program- Low fat whole foods vegan diet
Janella Purcell Elixir- how foods can be used for their medicinal properties

Veg Videos: 
Meet your meat

This is the video is full on, but if you want to turn vegan I highly suggest it.
The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii has many many wonderful lectures on a range of topics that are well worth listening to. You can find them here:
Vegetarian Society of Hawaii lectures
Vegetarian Society of Hawaii youtube channel

Jamie Oliver- 'Eat to save your life' parts 1-8
You are what you eat- Gillian Mckeith
Fault lines- fast food, fat profits
How to get fat without trying
Generation XL
Generation O
Dead Fat
Britian's really disgusting foods (meat, dairy, fish)
Controlling our food- a doco on genetically modified food
BBC- Dispatches- the truth about your food
Fast food baby
Food- a project envision doco
Food inc.
How food affects your mood
How to be slim
How to live to 101
Kill or cure
Supermarket secrets
Super size me
Sugar the bitter truth
The future of food
The truth about food
BBC- why are thin people not fat
BBC- how to be slim
Anything by Dr Bill Harris, Dr Caldwell Esselystyn, Dr Colin Campbell, Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Doug McDougall, Dr Greger, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr Neal Barnard, Michael Pollan

The only other thing I think needs to be said is it's all about your attitude, keep a positive outlook- get excited about all the new things you get to try, all the recipes you get to try out and you'll have a blast. I really enjoyed my transition into a new lifestyle and feel so much better for it, if there's anything else I can help with just ask! xxx

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