Monday, April 13, 2015

'Creamy' Sweet Chilli Dressing

Sour cream, chives and sweet chili sauce are a tried and tested combination (granted they're usually on wedges) but I thought why not go for a 'creamy' dressing/sauce that uses the same delicious flavours but combines them in a way that can be used over salads or with a warm meal. This dressing is wonderfully rich and 'creamy' and packed with smoky, sweet flavour!

'Creamy' Sweet Chilli Dressing
Makes 4-6 serves

1 cup macadamia nuts (soaked in 1 cup of water overnight)
1/2 cup of sweet chili sauce
3 drops of liquid smoke
2 tbsp chopped chives
Salt to taste
1/4-1/2 cup water *optional

· Soak macadamias overnight (or for as long as convenient)
· Nuts, sweet chili sauce and liquid smoke to a high power blender
· Blend until smooth
· If desired add water as required for your purpose (leave it thicker for warm dishes and thinner for use over salads)
· Season to taste
· Chop chives
· Fold into dressing
· Enjoy over salad! (or with a warm meal)

I'd give this a try with baked potato, as a dressing for a potato salad or on a humble Green Salad, Kale Salad, or one of my fave salads:

Love and Smiles,

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fountain Good Choice Sauces!

As you know I usually make my sauces, I've even got a whole list of my favourites on here and my homemade tomato sauce that's usually in the fridge but sometimes (especially while I've been working 80 hr weeks) I just want a readymade one to grab! The trouble then comes while I'm scouring the aisles, reading backs of bottles, trying to find a gluten free relatively healthy option with low(er) salt and sugar that I can just pop on my veggies and call an easy meal.

There are some good options in the Fountain GOOD CHOICE sauces range that you can find in the health food section of Woolworths. There are 5 different sauces, 25% reduced salt Tomato & BBQ sauces (500ml), Sweet Chilli, Hot Chilli and 50% reduced salt Soy (250ml). These fulfill my requirements, being gluten free and having no added sugar or artificial colours or flavours and sweetened with Natvia - plus they are completely affordable ($3.49) unlike some of the other options I've found at health food stores!
So how did I try them? I went old school first, like any good blogger, and tried them alone on my finger (not the smartest move with the hot chilli just quietly) then went to town using them in my recipes, working out how I could substitute them into things and make brand new recipes with them. Spoiler: 'Creamy' Sweet Chilli Dressing to come!

I tried the tomato and BBQ sauce on my Best Vegan Pizza recipe!

The sweet chilli sauce I tried on my

The hot chili sauce I tried in my

The reduced salt soy sauce was by far my favourite, I use it more frequently than the others in dishes like my
and in a variety of my soy dressings like the traditional chili ginger soy vinegar dipping sauce.

Then, just to make sure, I tried them ALL with
and some veggie hot dogs.

So what's the verdict? It's no secret the soy's my favourite due to its versatility but the others stand up wonderfully too and provide a great range that would keep anyone happy. All of the sauces have a depth of flavour that can be missing in commercial sauces, you can taste the complexity of onion/garlic and spice with the tang of appropriate acidity and smooth sweetness. They work perfectly with my recipes! Not too overpoweringly salty or sweet and lots of flavour- there's no reason to sacrifice taste for health!

Overall the sauces aren't as sweet as their counterparts, which makes me wildly happy. I don't usually go for sweet chilli or BBQ because they just taste like sugar to me but these ones are rich in flavour and while they have a  sweetness to them they're not overly sugary (one great bonus of being sweetened with Natvia!)

As far as packaging goes I love the ease of the squeeze bottles for the tomato and BBQ sauces a little more than the glass bottles for the others but they look so much better and are the way I usually like my food packages.

I know I'll be getting these sauces again, especially the reduced salt soy and sweet chilli! I hope you like them as much as I do.

How would you choose to use one of these sauces in your cooking?

Love and Smiles,

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