Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fruity Vegan FroYo!

I've finally discovered the joys of dessert bars! I've seen them on other people's blogs for years but now I've finally found one near (enough) to me with delicious vegan options. Skinny Dippa is in Chapel street, Prahran (Melb) and it's a little slice of heaven... and totally worth the 2 trains to get me there. Ooo and I just found the vegan toffee macadamia flavour on their fb and am now planning my next trip!

I've fallen in love with this stevia sweetened vegan frozen yoghurt, I dare say it rivals my home made fruit 'ice cream' I hold so dear. Plus, they have enough toppings to make my head spin! Wheeeee :) Honestly, I felt like a kid in a candy store. A yummy healthy candy store- just perfect!
I packed my little cup with their cinnamon banana fro yo, fruity boba (popping tapioca balls with a flavoured liquid center), berry compote, fresh passionfruit, strawberries and topped it with a delicious mochi!
as you can see it took some digging to get down to the good stuff, my toppings slid down and became my bottoms but they were completely delicious none the less.
I also had the pleasure of finding some delicious vegan frozen yoghurt when I spent some time in Sydney last term break. This gorgeous watermelon sorbet is hidden underneath a mountain of bobas (can you tell I really like them?) and a lychee! 
oh and the topping bar! This is actually from another place because I forgot at the other ones (my bad, I was too excited by all my options) but they're all pretty similar. I was swooning over the selection of boba (mango, strawberry, mandarin, lychee, pomegranate! mmmm. The fresh fruit is always a glorious option (grapes and strawberries are my faves) but I have a soft spot for the canned variety too. I really enjoy lychees, mangosteen, rambutan, longan, palm fruit, jackfruit etc. etc. I've found such an abundance of vegan options to enjoy.... see?
I have a feeling this is going to become one of my favourite dessert treats!
Do you like vegan fro yo? What are your favourite toppings? Anyone Melbournians have other favourite spots for me to try?

Love and Smiles,

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