Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Soy Milk Story + Yummy 'milky' recipes

When I first went vegan, soymilk was my go-to. I fell in love with the sweet, creamy versions that made any recipe better... but then I did some research and found out about the darker side of soy (GMOs, pesticides, protein isolates, added sugar and oil). I decided if I was going to switch to soy it had better be made with organic soy beans! This was quite hard for me after getting rather attached to the luxurious soymilk but I made the change, I tried some organic brands... but they just didn't taste as good. I can distinctly remember standing in the supermarket aisle reading the back of all the soymilks searching for one that was made from organic soy beans and unsweetened but being bitterly disappointed. I soon realised there were many other non-dairy milk alternatives and set about drinking my way through them. I went with almond milk, it wasn't as creamy but for less calories I'd settle and my husband went for sweet rice milk... but every so often we were still tempted into buying the odd carton of (non-organic) soymilk because it just tasted so good.
You can imagine our delight when we found Vitasoy’s organic soymilk range, which is made from organic whole soybeans! I headed straight for the ultra low fat unsweetened organic bean soymilk and I'm LOVING it! It's only 40 cals per cup (same as almond milk but creamier with more protein – score!) & obviously my husband who doesn’t care about calories goes for the original version to 'cream' up his tea and cereal. The fact that Vitasoy are producing Aussie grown non-GMO whole organic bean soymilk makes me very happy. And the unsweetened low fat version with no carrageenan makes me off the charts happy because carrageenan is one of those annoying things I have to watch out for, as it upsets my tummy.

I'm really enjoying cooking with soymilk again and I've noticed how much of a difference it makes to 'creamy' dressings, sauces, smoothies and desserts. Why not give these yummy 'milky' recipes a try:

Fruit 'ice cream' (you all know I'm a fruit 'ice cream' lover but soy milk really ups the creaminess and makes it even more amazing without any change in flavour like with coconut cream/milk)
This discovery happened late last year so when I was given the opportunity to share this with you I couldn't really refuse. I know I said no more giveaways and I've been turning them all down since, but how can you knock back something you're consistently using and genuinely excited about? So apologies if you're not loving the giveaway but for those of you who would like the chance to win a Vitasoy hamper valued at $150 packed full of:

3 x 1 litre Vitasoy milk cartons
4 x Vitasoy recipe cards
1 x ‘Healthy Every Day’ cookbook by Pete Evans
1 x T2 coffee mug
1 x KeepCup
1 x 250g Global Cafe Direct organic coffee
1 x $65 Coles gift card
Please leave a comment on this post, my facebook or tweet me @ClaireASVF (mentioning #spillthebeans) telling me your favourite soymilk recipes! The competition is open from 15/4/14 - 29/4/14, click here to check out the T&Cs. The lucky winner will be announced 30/4/14. Good luck!

Love and Smiles,

*For calcium enriched soymilk in the Vitasoy flagship range, try original or reduced fat. 

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