Thursday, November 28, 2013

Spiced Poach Pears

This dessert came into being after my other half fell in love with the poached pear he had for dinner on holidays. Since I'm always on the look out for ways to get him to eat more fruit and veg I jumped at the chance to make another yummy fruity dessert he would enjoy.

It's a fairly rich dessert despite being low fat so if you're up for a large dessert go for one each otherwise it's perfect to share one between two. The sauce will vary depending on the wine- so pick a good one! Cook with wine you like to drink and you won't be disappointed. It's sweet but not too sweet, robust and mildly spiced with a flavour reminiscent of mulled wine. The pear flesh is soft and succulent, easily eaten with a spoon and stained a beautiful red.

These pears taste beautiful warm or cold. They're perfect alone but the addition of vegan custard, non-dairy ice cream or cashew/soy cream tops them off superbly!

Spiced Poach Pears
4 pears (it will work with 2, you'll just have extra syrup!)
2 star anise
2 cinnamon sticks
1 vanilla bean
2 cups red wine (vegan) *We used a Wolf Blass Red label Australian Tawny a lovely rich fruity wine
2 tsp rosewater
1 tsp whole black pepper corns
1/3 cup natvia (or sweetener of choice)
  • Combine red wine, rosewater and sweetener
  • Stir until dissolved
  • Add cinnamon, star anise and black pepper corns
  • Cut vanilla bean in half and scrape out seeds then add both seeds and pot to the pot
  • Core and peel pairs
  • Add to the pot and poach for 1 hr (done when tender)
  • Enjoy warm or cold!
I hope you give this one a try, it's a great option, special enough for guests and you can easily make it ahead of time as it keeps really well in the fridge!

Love and Smiles,

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