Monday, July 22, 2013

Fitzroy & Treasury Gardens in Melbourne

I know we're all busy bees but some regular down time can do us the world of good! (which would be why I only blog weekly these days so blogging stays fun and doesn't turn into work).

I actually took some proper time out to have a picnic in the city with my other half last weekend. Granted I worked Sunday morning but after that we popped down to the Yarra river and had a lovely picnic then spent a wonderful afternoon wandering around the beautiful inner-city gardens.

I thought you might like to see how I spend my down time since I quite enjoy reading about other peoples travels, picnics and cities in addition to their recipes so here are some photos from my day.

Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory

The gardens are much bigger than just this but I didn't think to take photos until we hit the conservatory. My husband actually proposed in the Fitzroy gardens so it's always a winner with me. Wandering around talking and enjoying nature always makes me smile.

We went from a sunny but cold winter Melbourne day- about 15 degrees C to the warm, humid conservatory where some lovely opera was playing. I could have stayed there all day! I love just watching the fisheys swimming around and listening to the running water and music. Perfectly perfect. 

Treasury Gardens

The treasury gardens sit just next to the cbd so are a wonderful place to nip to for lunch or a walk after work. We also had our wedding photos there so they hold a special place for me.

The fountains were on again (they were off for ages to save water during the drought)
Pretty fake waterfall and gorgeous winter sunlight through the trees

I forgot to photograph my food- I grabbed a selection of vegan salads to go which included chickpea, pea zucchini and spinach, a spicy sweet potato, corn and carrot and a sesame broccoli, cauliflower tofu salad and a yummy beetroot pickley one. Can you say YUM?!

Here are some photos of veg take out I found on my phone though, so it's not a totally food-less post... These HUGE heirloom tomatoes tastes like proper tomatoes, not the useless unripe ones in the supermarket.
Grilled Veggie Toasted Sandwich- eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, baby spinach (no butter, no pesto) on amazing olive and rosemary sourdough bread and peppermint tea from the day I had to pick up my artwork from the printers and they messed up so I had an hour to kill while they fixed it.
Vegetarian pizza (no cheese, no onion). From the day I cracked and we tried the local pizza place. It tasted way better than it looked- too many olives though.
Stir-fry Asian veggies with shitake mushrooms with jasmine tea from one of the many lovely Asian places just down the road.
Here's a message some lovely person left in the pavement near my house. I was having a tough day when I came across it so it seemed particularly awesome.
And this is where I go on holiday (not often enough)

Hope you enjoyed something a little different this post :)

Love and Smiles,

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