Thursday, April 18, 2013

Green Vegetable Juice

I like to start my day with a green veggie juice, they hydrate and fill your body with goodness and as a bonus my skin always looks better when I drink these! Most people are hesitant because they're just so green but I promise this tastes delicious! 

If you're just starting off you can always dilute it or add more fruit- why not start with a milder (and sweeter) apples, cucumber, mint and spinach and then work up to just veggies? Personally I find the sweet carrots, lemon, mint and stevia is enough to help me enjoy my veggie juice but if you're into the fruit- go for it, it's still great for you. Just try to keep it to 1/3 fruit, 2/3 veggies. I usually enjoy 2-3 cups but if you're new just to veggie juice you can always start small and work up!

Green Vegetable Juice
Makes 3 serves
Small handful of Mint leaves
Small handful of wheatgrass (optional, ommit if you're just starting out)
8 cups Spinach
8 cups Lettuce
3 Cucumbers
1 bunch of Celery
3 Carrots
1 Lemon (peeled)
Stevia to taste- I use flavoured stevias like vanilla, orange, cinnamon, cacao etc
  • Wash all ingredients thoroughly
  • Peel lemon (and cucumbers if non-organic)
  • Juice (preferably with a cold press masticating juicer, but whatever you've got!)
  • Enjoy!
  • Sore in well filled air tight glass jars in the fridge, consume asap but with a cold press juicer will last 48hrs.
As I mentioned I have a cold press masticating juicer (Oscar Vital Max 900 if you're interested) but before that I had a centrifugal Breville one- can't remember the model for the life of me but you get the idea. Both have their pros and cons- centrifugal juicers are quick but you should really drink your juice immediately and they leave lots of moisture in the pulp requiring a second run through, also sometimes the pulp can taste funny if you're using it for cooking. If you're serious about juicing a good masticating juicer is well worth the money and extra time it takes for the amount and quality of juice produced- you really don't waste any of your veggies! 

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This week has been more challenging eating as Dr Fuhrman suggests. I'm really happy I'm back to eating this way and last week was great. This week I've been eating less, my appetite has decreased but this has meant my metabolism has slowed- I've been quite cold and haven't lost any weight. I really need to start eating more and get back to really enjoying my food- I seem to have had a streak of making icky food mistakes, I'm not sure if I'm distracted, stressed or blue but whatever the cause I've managed to burn things, over dress things, make meals that are wayy off balance or just plain boring. This is so not my style! The up side was I made 2 desserts for other people which turned out well (I didn't taste them but based on the responses they tasted great) I'm planning on blogging versions of them in the future. You can see my progress in numbers on my journal page. How are those of you joining me going? Any yummy recipes to suggest? I hope you're going well :)

Anyway, I hope you consider giving veggie juice a go- it's a wonderful way to get heaps of greens in quickly and your body will love you for it.

Love and Smiles,

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