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Slim Me Organic Noodles Review and Giveaway!

 I was not paid to write this review, I received free samples to try but all opinions are my own.

What are Slim Me Noodles?
An Australian brand of Shirataki noodles, the extremely low calorie and low carb noodles often used in Asian dishes.
These noodles are made from Konjac Glucomanna (KGM), a water soluble fiber from the (low cal, low carb) root of the Konjac plant (devils tongue yam/elephant yam).

They come in different styles :
Angel Hair (Thin round noodles) 
Fettuccine (Thicker flat noodles) 
and a Rice version is coming soon.

Overall Review
I found them to be super quick (2 mins) and easy to cook. They have a great soft texture with body and volume. They hold together well even when tossing and have a little bit of elasticity. They have zero flavour but I'll take that for such few calories- and really how much flavour do rice/bean noodles have? They take on the flavours of any sauce you add- so for a yummy meal you just need to combine with a delish sauce, preferably add some veggies and enjoy. They can be eaten hot or cold but I've found them best with a combination of salt and fat- so soy and tahini for example. They've worked well in all the dishes I've used them in, so all in all, I would totally buy these!

I also tested these out on my father and uber fussy husband:
My father's verdict- great! low calorie, filling but taste like nothing. They're cheaper than the alternative available on the market which he tried but it was too pricey for him. He would use them again too.
My husband's verdict- good but different. They don't taste like much. The texture's good, they've got that right- it's a noodle but it's just not the same as rice noodles. When they have a good sauce on them they're nice. They just don't quite hit the starchy gluten spot though. It's a great base or filler material for a dish but needs flavour added.

What I liked:
Calories- they're so low you can enjoy a higher fat/cal sauce with them.
Free Shipping!
Organic (Japan certified)
Held together well when cooking/tossing
Free recipe ebook
Filling carbohydrate replacement
Quick cooking- only 2 mins in hot water
Work with a wide range of recipes/cooking methods. For example they can be cooked, blended and used to bulk up baking/smoothies
BPA free packaging

What I didn't:
Flavour (lack there of) you really need a good sauce

Smell of the liquid they're stored in- but you rinse it and they're fine
Not Australian Certified organic
Processed- not a whole food. I know this isn't an issue for many but its something I try to keep to a treat in my diet.

Here are the recipes I tested them with:

Pea Pesto Kale Pasta with Balsamic pepper Tempeh Nuggets
The fettuccine was really easy to cook, it has a lovely bite to it and nice noodle texture. I think they're a great replacement for pasta too. They made this recipe much more filling (it actually could/should have been two serves). The combination of the pine nuts, nutritional yeast and balsamic vinegar was perfect to elevate the somewhat plain noodles to a fantastic meal.

My version of Cheaters Pad Thai- The Happy Herbivore Pg 117
 His above with cashew nuts, spring onion and chili and 
Hers below with tempeh, kale and beanshoots
This was an awesome recipe to use these with, the strong sauce was the key! I added lots of veggies for crunch and nutrition and spiced it up for the hubs. The fettuccine replaced flat rice noodles wonderfully and held together through lots of tossing. I think they taste lovely warm but am curious about them cold...

Rice paper rolls
These worked perfectly! I used the thinner noodles for this recipe, they retained their texture and volume when cold. I was a little worried that they would be bland because the only flavouring was on the tofu and dipping sauce. However combining them with mint, avocado and crunchy veggies was enough to boost them to a lovely mouthful. I'm definitely making this one again!

Almost Raw Pad Thai- Ani's Raw Food Essentials
This meal was perfectly perfect. Just lovely. I'm seriously loving these. They work really well with the strong flavours of basil and lemon in this dish and the almond butter gives it the fat needed. I like combining them with veggies that have more texture, but then I like texture in my pasta/noodles.

My version of Coconut Noodle Salad- in Fast, Fresh, Simple

His and hers coconut salads. Noodles, basil, mint, capsicum, carrots, lettuce, coriander. His with added chili and spring onion, hers with added kale, beanshoots, cucumber. I edited this recipe quite a lot- I used young coconut flesh instead of coconut milk to make the dressing and it was absolutely delicious. I think these noodles work really well cold. I just cooked them according to the packet instructions (rinsed, 2 mins in hot water) then let them cool. Gotta love a versatile ingredient.

'Creamy' Harissa Noodle Salad
Angel hair noodles for this one worked beautifully. They kept surprisingly well uncovered for a couple of hours and covered in the fridge overnight. If you leave them uncovered for too long obviously they will dry up but I've found them to be quite resilient. This was both filling and delicious- you know the great thing about the bulk of your meal being such low calorie? You can splurge and have a higher calorie dressing! mmm loving the nut/seed based sauces.

'Creamy' Asian Noodle Salad
Again I used the angel hair noodles, it's pretty much the same as the one above with a different sauce. Leaving the noodles to marinate in the sauce for a little helps give them more umpf. I would definitely make these salads again. Just lovely for summer.

Cashew Noodle Stir fry
I know this one is seriously lacking in colour (and vegetables) but the flavour was good. I stripped this down to the basics to really test it. The dressing was simply soy, oyster sauce and chinese dark vinegar and the verdict...they still went down a treat! These really can be eaten alone with a flavour packed dressing. I'm quite impressed.

Now for the fun- it's giveaway time!

Slim Me Noodles have also been kind enough to sponsor an Australian Give Away. THREE lucky winners will each receive a box of Slim Me Noodles (containing 5 x fettuccine and 5 x angel hair)

To enter simply leave me a comment (on the blog, facebook or twitter) telling me which delicious recipe(s) you would like to try these with... the more creative the better!

I will select one lucky winner on Feb 28th. Good luck xxx

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