Monday, February 25, 2013

My top 5 Blogging time savers

Blogging can be one hell of a time suck. If I let myself get obsessed I could easily make striving for blogging perfection a full time job but alas, the real world demands attention. I'm sure some of you feel the same so here are a few tips I use than really help when life is a whirlwind and I begin to question why I put so much on my plate.
  1. Write down any blog ideas when you get them! You know those momentary strokes of genius in the shower, gym, grocery store, on the train, day dreaming in a lecture etc. Write them down before you forget them! Keep a stash of draft posts with some ideas for those days when bloggers block hits.
  2. Pre-writing posts. Writing ahead of time keeps me sane (even if it's 10 mins drafting something on the train). Having the security of knowing you've got something in the works makes deadlines a lot less intense. I tend to work on posts in increments when I have the time so there will always be something to add too/edit photos for/develop recipes for etc.
  3. Take quick photos. There's a time and a place for photographic perfection, tweaking props, plating, lighting, angles, focus etc. but if you're low on time it's not something you can obsess over. Keeping your tripod out, props on hand and backgrounds/reflectors set up and shooting on auto or aperture priority will save you heaps of time. Editing time can be cut down by batch processing and brushing up on your software shortcuts, once you've got it down editing should only take a couple of minutes per image.
  4. Scheduling your posts. At first I wrote and published my posts daily but working out how to schedule posts made blogging MUCH more enjoyable. Preparing posts ahead of time and working on the next weeks (or even further ahead) gives you a nice buffer for when you need a day off or a surprise commitment pops up.
  5. Not blogging daily. When I first started blogging I pushed myself to blog daily- the majority of people are daily bloggers and people tell you it's best for a successful blog but the reality was I ended up eating cold meals alone (taking photos took priority over eating) and spending my evenings rushing to edit photos and publish before I could enjoy some down time with my husband. I didn't have the time to be inspired and create food I loved and really wanted to share. I was just blogging everything I ate. Now for some people that's awesome and there are many many amazing blogs out there that use that model but for me, not so much. Long term it just didn't work for me. It wasn't worth it for me, I would get burnt out and end up taking breaks from blogging. When it comes down to it, it's quality over quantity.
Hope sharing this helped some of you too!

Love and Smiles,

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