Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baked Quince 'ice cream'

Since breaking out into cooked fruit 'ice cream' flavours with my stewed apple 'ice cream' I've discovered how intense the flavours can be when you use frozen cooked fruit. This quince 'ice cream' is amazingly strong in flavour. If you're yet to try quince this is a great way to ease yourself in. The stunning burnished colour of cooked quince makes this an aesthetically pleasing dessert that will impress any guests. I hope you give it a go!

Baked Quince 'ice cream'
Makes 2 serves
4 large Quinces
1/2 cup rice/almond/soy milk
  • Skin, core and chop quinces in small chunks
  • Bake quinces covered for approximately 1hr in an 180c oven until tender, burnished and bright in colour
  • cool and freeze
  • thaw for approx 5-10 mins
  • blend well, scraping down the sides and drizzling in non-dairy milk until it forms a smooth 'ice cream'
  • Enjoy!
  • this recipe can be re-frozen and kept, just thaw it slightly before serving
I hope you enjoy your quinces, (and yes, I am still juice fasting but that doesn't mean I don't have recipes to share!)

Love and Smiles,

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