Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cacao & Apple Pot de Creme

These are divine. Rich, sweet, 'creamy' chocolatey little bundles of decadence. If you don't tell people they're healthy or vegan they'd never guess... you may do what you wish with that information- personally I find that people tend to be interested in my food until they find out it's a) vegan and b) healthy so I'm trying not to make it so widely know. Obviously the blog is a place where you all know it's secret but this tastes so good people will never guess. Just enjoy!

Cacao and Apple Pot de Creme
Makes 4 small serves
approx 1 cup scooped avocado (150g)
1/2 cup almond milk
1 tbsp cacao powder
stevia to taste
1 cup apple butter (over-stewed apple with cinnamon and lemon)
Cacao nibs (to garnish)
  • Make apple butter (slow cook stewed apple for a day)
  • Blend avocados, almond milk, cacao + stevia to a smooth 'creme' (it will take a little longer than you think)
  • Assemble in small ramekins/bowls- layer apple butter in the base, top with cacao 'creme'
  • Garnish with cacao nibs
  • Enjoy! 
  • These keep well for 4 days... well they taste so good that's how long they lasted me
I just know you'll love these as much as I do...and everyone who's taste tested them has.

Love and Smiles,

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Almond & Broccoli Soup with Tofu Crumble

I know tofu isn't for everyone but I really like it. The soup, tofu crumble combo was born when I was nibbling on some tofu destined for my husbands scramble while my soupy dinner was heating up.. since I was starving and too lazy to cook it as a side I just dumped some on top of my soup and dug in. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was so I decided to share it with you. 

If you're not a tofu person feel free to blend it into the soup for an even thicker, creamier bowl but if you like a bit of bite in your soup (think minestrone) then give this a go! It's dense, 'creamy', completely delicious and doesn't taste anywhere near as healthy as it is! It's also high in protein so keeps you full and satisfied despite being just over 250 cals a bowl... and some chopped almonds would be a lovely garnish addition if you feel like making it even prettier!

Almond and Broccoli Soup with Tofu Crumble
Makes 2 serves
125g firm tofu (I like mine pressed, it crumbles better)
3 cups unsweetened almond milk
5 cups broccoli chopped
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 tsp braggs seasoning or mixed herbs and a pinch of chilli
  • Chop broccoli
  • cook in almond milk until tender (10 mins?)
  • blend well
  • add nutritional yeast + herbs
  • simmer for 5 mins
  • crumble pressed tofu with a fork
  • serve with tofu on top of soup
  • Enjoy!

Hope you're all well and enjoying some scrummy meals too!
Love and Smiles,

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Pages- Shop, Pantry, Press

Now I'm back from holidays I thought I'd dedicate some love and time to ASVF. 
I've added some new pages!

You can now find some of my favorite things (Books, DVDs, Kitchen goodies, Ingredients) in the Shop...

And see how I keep our kitchen stocked in the Pantry...

I've also given the About page a revamp...

And included a Press page if you want to see what I've been up to.

I'm enjoying eating again after ending the juice fast. It's not quite the same as before, I'm much more satisfied with fresh raw fruit and veg, my taste buds are much more sensitive and I can even smell salt on other peoples food! I'm not quite so obsessed with food either- I'm not thinking about what to cook for dinner while I'm eating lunch. Actually I've had a hard time trying to decide what to eat because it all sounds nice but the intense desires for specific foods have completely vanished. Fingers crossed it stays this way!

I'm currently testing out some extremely low calorie konjac noodles that I will be reviewing shortly...and I've organised a giveaway for you!

If there's anything else you would like to see changed/added please let me know. I'm always open to constructive criticism.

Love and Smiles,

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Juice Fast days 12-21

Time for my final juice fast update! I've been very much enjoying my juicy en devour and have now returned from the beach (landing back to reality with a crash). While I've been feeling great and am extremely tempted to continue I have decided that it's time to end my juice fast. As I promised I have been listening to my body and making wise decisions. I've been fairly active, going for two long walks a day with the dog and going for swims when the weather is warm but the increased demands on my energy, emotions and brainpower now I'm back means I'm no longer comfortable with the slight placidity or weakness that has accompanied me through this journey. Granted I could increase the amount of juice and fruit juice I've been having but to be honest, I miss food! I've also had some funny symptoms that while I'm not sure are even related have also contributed to this decision...

Day 12- 6.7 kg Feeling good, having lots of herbal teas today. Feeling unsure how long I should keep this up... I'm getting a bit hungry and tired. Having negative thoughts about disordered eating today. Not worth getting back into bad habits, got to try and get on top of them. Turned my day around, have a lovely run on the beach and fun with the hubs. I'm feeling light and freee!

B- Beetroot, carrot, mint, lettuce, cucumber, kale, spinach Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
L- Beetroot, carrot, mint, lettuce, cucumber, kale, spinach Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
D- Beetroot, carrot, mint, lettuce, cucumber, kale, spinach Juice + 1tsp chia seeds

Day 13- 7.7 kg Had a bit of an upset stomach today... maybe one of the herbal teas wasn't great for me. Dropped the hubs off at the station, bit teary and emotional about it all, missing him already- I'm such a sop! I have a thick white coating on my tongue, it won't scrape or brush off. Also I have tonsil stones- gross but I'm happy it's coming out. Detoxing nicely. I have an earache too, not sure if it's from the sea wind or this..

B- Beetroot, carrot, mint, lettuce, cucumber, kale, spinach Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
L- Apple, capsicum, carrot, lettuce Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
D- Apple, capsicum, carrot, lettuce Juice + 1tsp chia seeds

Day 14- 8.2 kg I can't wait to get my excess weight off... More tonsil stones, I hate them but I'm focusing on it getting them out. Looong walk with the dog, throwing the ball for so long was a great arm work out but by the end of it I was getting tired and dizzy- time for lemonade!

B- Apple, capsicum, carrot, lettuce Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
L- Apple, capsicum, carrot, lettuce Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
AT- Lemonade (Lemon juice + Vanilla Stevia + Water)
D- Apple, capsicum, carrot, lettuce Juice + 1tsp chia seeds

Day 15- 8.7 kg I had such a bad stomach ache that it woke me in the night... upset tummy isn't fun. Got up the energy to walk the dog though. I had a violent reaction (read projectile vomit) to my lunch juice. Not sure if it was because my tummy didn't want food or juicing the entire lemon or the sweet potato was a bad idea but it just wasn't going in (well, staying in). Needless to say I don't recommend you try that combo. My arms are very sore from all the throwing of balls- I know I sound like a wimp but we're talking 4 hours a day of long distance throwing for the dog.. I think my healing time has significantly reduced. 

B- Apple, capsicum, carrot, lettuce Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
L- Sweet potato, lemon (the entire lemon), cucumber, lettuce Juice- BAD REACTION
D- Kale, lime, purple grapes, cucumber, mint Juice + 1tsp chia seeds

Day 16- 8.7 kg Feeling much better today, I think the body's getting used to fasting. My body is feeling better, I can feel the body I should have trapped under the excess fat. Contemplating extending the fast to 60 days today, it would be nice to push myself but this is getting expensive. Contemplating incorporating short regular juice fasts, say on the weekends? had a bad reaction to my flavoured herbal teas today- the ingredients appear safe but judging from my flushed cheeks, head spins and sinus headaches that followed apparently not. They also caused my tummy to rumble for the first time in ages and kicked up the hunger. Shame, they were yummy.. still, better I know now. I shall be sticking to the ones I know are safe.

B- Kale, lime, purple grapes, cucumber, mint Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
L- Had too much herbal tea... BAD REACTION
D- Kale, lime, purple grapes, cucumber, mint Juice + 1tsp chia seeds

Day 17- 8.7 kg Hungry today, feeling a little weak. Stomach still grumbling. Quite sneezy and mucusy today. Feeling sorry for myself. Curled up with a good book and got lots of dog cuddles.

B- Apple, capsicum, carrot, lettuce Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
L- Apple, capsicum, carrot, lettuce Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
D- Tired. Just went to bed.

Day 18- 9.2 kg Went out and found a Whole Foods! Why did no one tell me about it before??? For all you Aussies the WF in Torquay (near Bells beach) is gorgeous. Dizzy today, shouldn't have skipped dinner- oops. I've been thinking about ending the fast today, food looks and smells so good, of course that could be because freshly baked cupcakes always smell lovely. I found all fruit juice, no added sugar ice blocks at WF- so stoked. I've started thinking about how I want to break the fast...because my cravings have subsided I don't really know where to start. I think a smoothie sounds good, then salad or a raw veggie meal sticking to no sugar/salt/oil. I've been really quite hungry today, wanted to stop but convinced myself to keep going and finish all the veggies I got. 

B- Veg out Juice at Whole Foods (Parsley, Lemon, Carrot, Greens)
L- Peach, silver beet, zucchini, mint, spinach Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
D- Peach, silver beet, zucchini, mint, spinach Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
D- Lemonade

Day 19- 9.7 kg I'm almost there! really looking forward to food now. I slept in a LOT today- the dog was jumping on me all night and waking me up. I've been scared all night. I woke dizzy, faint, shaky with my heart beating far faster than normal. Worried, tried meditating but couldn't bring it down until it returned to normal by itself a few hours later. Then the police came around to see one of the children I was looking after and it was weird again for a little bit. I decided he owed me ice blocks, they were absolutely delicious. After one testing day I was completely and utterly exhausted and went to bed early.

B- Nectarine, lettuce, zucchini, silver beet, mint Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
L- Nectarine, lettuce, zucchini, silver beet, mint Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
D- Pomegranate and Blueberry Juice Ice blocks x 2 (36 calories each!) Absolutely divine.

Day 20- 9.7 kg The thick white coating on my tongue has disappeared! Yay. I'm still sneezy and tired though, more than likely because the dog woke me up at 3am and I couldn't get back to sleep, just lay there meditating and resting. I was slightly dizzy and emotional today. I need my sleep!

B- Apple, Spinach, Silver beet, Cucumber, Mint Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
L- Apple, Spinach, Silver beet, Cucumber, Mint Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
D- Limeade (Lime Juice, Vanilla Stevia, Water)

Day 21- 9.7 kg  Today was a long day, travel, cleaning, setting up the house again took it's toll and my body is eager for some solid food. I had SO much energy this morning, I'm not worried about continuing it really but I would prefer to play it safe. I think if/when I do a longer fast I would prefer to get a doctor on side to make sure everything is perfect. Breathing is hard today- the smoke from the bush fires really takes is toll on my lungs. 

B- Apple, Spinach, Silver beet, Cucumber, Mint Juice + 1tsp chia seeds
L- Travelling, wasn't hungry...
D- Apple, Spinach, Silver beet, Cucumber, Mint Juice + 1tsp chia seeds

To sum it all up I've had some pretty impressive results if I do say so myself...

My skin has never been so soft, luscious (my dear husband's word), clear and bright. The slight irritation/dermatitis that occurred earlier has cleared up perfectly.
My energy levels in the morning have been insane and I've been much more alert late into the nights.
I've been sleeping better- for less time but good quality sleep. This one was priceless to me as I've always had crazy dreams that interrupt my nights.
My nails are hard as rocks and much brighter white.
I have stopped thinking about 'naughty' foods- here's hoping that sticks around!
My emotions have been much more level- even my hormones didn't throw a spanner in the works.

On the down side I have been much more placid- less vibrant. I found this peacefulness simultaneously wonderful and irritating. I have had much more time to think and relax on holidays though so I'm sure it's a combination of the two.
The sides of my lips and tongue have been prone to getting dry and cracked- as have my eyes.
Apologies for TMI with this one- My digestive system has obviously slowed right down, going from a high fiber raw vegan diet to liquids meant my daily regularity slowed to biweekly, not a big deal but note worthy all the same.
Detox symptoms are always a downer- the headaches, tiredness, toxic hunger and tonsil stones were the worst of it, but really, I'm not complaining, they were totally worth it to feel great the rest of the time!

Total weight loss: - 9.7 kgs, -7.6% body fat
Neck: - 2 cm
Bust: - 7 cm
Upper Arm: - 3 cm
Waist (smallest point): - 10 cm
Navel: - 12 cm
Hip: - 7 cm
Bum: - 4 cm
Upper Thigh: - 3 cm
Calf: - 1.5 cm

I have really enjoyed the last 3 weeks and would definitely do it again- potentially in the not too distant future- would you?

I hope you're all well and enjoying your meals. I know I'll be savoring every delicious bite after abstaining for a little while!
Love and Smiles,

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Berry, Apple Butter & Vanilla Tofu 'Cream' Sunday

These are awesome. Seriously awesome. I may or may not have been eating them for both breakfast and dessert for a week now... The vanilla tofu 'cream' is a great addition to fruit, fruit 'ice cream', 'creamy' cacao pudding or desserts in general for that matter.

If you're not a sweet tooth then why not omit the stevia and vanilla and make a savoury version for sauces/recipes? I think these little divine fruit bombs are the best use for vanilla tofu 'cream' though, they're wonderfully sweet and satisfying, high protein and filling and the layers make the balance of fresh fruit, dense sweet apple butter and 'cream' easy to achieve. Yum yum yum...

Berry, Apple Butter and Vanilla Tofu 'Cream' Sunday
Makes 4 large or 8 small serves
300g silken tofu
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
Stevia to taste
1 tsp Vanilla paste
3 x 250g punnets strawberries OR 3 cups blueberries
3 cups Apple Butter 
(Pre-made well cooked cinnamon, lemon, apples, stevia)
  • Cook Apple Butter
  • combine tofu, stevia, vanilla and almond milk
  • blend tofu 'cream' ingredients
  • chop fruit
  • assemble in layers
  • Enjoy!

I hope you're all enjoying some yummy and healthy desserts!

Love and Smiles,

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Juice Fast days 9-12

Time for another update! This might be the last for a little while as I will no longer have computer access on holidays... the plan is to keep juice fasting (hopefully) until I get back in about a week, and potentially longer?

Things are going well, I've had a couple of little issues that needed tweaking to rectify but I'm still going strong. I appear to be allergic to something here, I have a lovely fully body rash and a harder time breathing (nothing serious just kicking off the usually dormant asthma) no clue if it's the pets, sunscreen, insect repellent, plants, sand etc. but it's nothing bad, just annoying and slightly itchy- the mozzie bites are still worse. My skin is sensitive and prone to dermatitis (thank you dark room chemicals!) and has begun to flare up again but I'm unsure if this is to do with the fast or my allergies. Speaking of which I have had no hay fever symptoms which is unheard of for me. Juicing is doing something very right, still when I have too little fats in my diet my skin suffers so I've started adding 1tsp chia seeds to my juices just incase.

Day 9 - 5.7 kg - sad there was no loss but have to keep reminding myself this isn't about weight loss. Feeling a bit down today, half my face was burning hot today and the rash was worse, would love to know what I'm allergic to. I'm REALLY missing food today. My mind keeps drifting to binging... not eating but binging. I don't know why I'm so blah but feeling sorry for myself really doesn't help. Lets blame the hormones? Got on with the day and decided to commit to at least 4 more days to use the veg I got in todays shop.

B- Pomegranate, lettuce, cucumber, mint, carrot, kale juice
L- Coconut water and lettuce juice
D- Lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, pomegranate juice

Day 10 - 5.7 kg No weight loss is driving me crazy. Perhaps I should stop weighing myself.
After being down yesterday and a dizzy spell climbing the 60 degree sand dunes this morning I'm having much more juice today- I need to fix myself up. I hate being teary and letting little things annoy me... and I might be paranoid but I think more hair fell out in the shower this morning. I wanted to end the fast today but convinced myself to just increase the amount of juice I've been having and use up all the veg we have first. The day ended on a much higher note- went to the night market and found raw vegan options, fresh coconut and treated myself to a gorgeous necklace, organic tea blend, vegan henna tattoo and canvas bag and wallet- I've been looking for an affordable vegan handbag for ages- so stoked.

B- Lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, pomegranate juice
MT- Lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, pomegranate juice + 1tsp Chia seeds
L- Lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, pomegranate juice + 1tsp Chia seeds
AT- Lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, pomegranate juice + 1tsp Chia seeds
D- Fresh Coconut Water (at the night market) YUM!

Day 11 - 6.2 kg YAY! Thank goodness for a loss. I really needed to see that. Sad but true.
Feeling MUCH better today. Not sure if it was the increase in calories, fats, liquids, hugs or the fun at the market but I'm beaming again (thank goodness). I'm not hungry today... perhaps from having more yesterday? or the fact that it's HOT today. I just want water or ice herbal tea. Made another large batch of juice to keep me going. I've noticed that the more I miss cooking and eating the more I want to cook and feed others.. I may be coming across as a little crazy but I really miss cooking. It doesn't help that i'm surrounded by tempting food and the smell of freshly baked cupcakes.

B- Lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, pomegranate juice + 1tsp Chia seeds
D- Extra large Lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, beetroot, carrot juice + 1tsp Chia seeds

Day 12 - 6.7 kg Phewf! Very thankful to see the numbers going down. Fingers crossed it continues... Feeling good today, I think I'm back to normal after my little emotional hiccup. Hormones  can really mess with your head. My skin's soft and lovely, I can feel the difference to my body and my hubs and pointed it out too. I know I get a bit repetitive with my juices when I make them it batches but I thought it was safer having them in the fridge ready for me when I wasn't feeling great. Prep is key! I keep thinking about the end of this fast and all the lovely fresh fruits, veggies and nuts I can tuck into. I keep making food for the people and pets around me. Missing food but feeling ok...

B- Lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, beetroot, carrot juice + 1tsp Chia seeds
L- Lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, beetroot, carrot juice + 1tsp Chia seeds
D- Lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, beetroot, carrot juice + 1tsp Chia seeds

My energy levels are still good but not what they were, I'm getting tired easier and making some silly mistakes when talking/doing calculations... it took me three tries to work out that the large jar of nutella has over 5000 calories in it to convince my friends son not to eat the entire jar with a spoon. Thankfully I was successful but he has such fun grossing me out with his food. 

Now I have a question for you: How do you know when to end a juice fast? 
As many of you know I have a history of binge eating and given it's likelihood to reoccur when I'm stressed and deprived I'm treading very carefully at this point. My main goal for this juice fast is health- I'm noticing how great (soft, clear, bright) my skin is and most of my allergies have improved- but my mental health is equally important. I'm worried if I push myself too far that I will fall into bad habits and end up in the negative self destructive cycle that I've already spent far too long in. I've already achieved my goal of surpassing my previous 10 day fast and am entertaining the thought of continuing it until I return home (a total of 21 days) but if I still feel this good extending it until I return to university (60 days) a la Joe Cross sounds tempting to me. What do you think?

I hope you're all well!

Love and Smiles,

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baked Quince 'ice cream'

Since breaking out into cooked fruit 'ice cream' flavours with my stewed apple 'ice cream' I've discovered how intense the flavours can be when you use frozen cooked fruit. This quince 'ice cream' is amazingly strong in flavour. If you're yet to try quince this is a great way to ease yourself in. The stunning burnished colour of cooked quince makes this an aesthetically pleasing dessert that will impress any guests. I hope you give it a go!

Baked Quince 'ice cream'
Makes 2 serves
4 large Quinces
1/2 cup rice/almond/soy milk
  • Skin, core and chop quinces in small chunks
  • Bake quinces covered for approximately 1hr in an 180c oven until tender, burnished and bright in colour
  • cool and freeze
  • thaw for approx 5-10 mins
  • blend well, scraping down the sides and drizzling in non-dairy milk until it forms a smooth 'ice cream'
  • Enjoy!
  • this recipe can be re-frozen and kept, just thaw it slightly before serving
I hope you enjoy your quinces, (and yes, I am still juice fasting but that doesn't mean I don't have recipes to share!)

Love and Smiles,

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Juice Fast days 4-8

I'm happy to report the juice fast is going well. I'm feeling good all round. Sleeping soundly, waking without an alarm and often a song in my head! I have the energy to keep up with the pets and desire to seek out more delicious juice combos so I'm feeling good about extending this fast... still not sure how long but i'll see how my body feels each day and reassess. 

Life just looks sunnier at the moment. My darling husband has requested 'holiday Claire' all the time. I think the fact that there's a distinct holiday and working Claire is a sign something's up- perhaps I need to make some changes in my priorities and reflect on the way I deal with things in every day life. Do you change when you're on holidays?

Day 4 - 3.8 kg
Had a perfect day at the beach, it was hot so we hid inside for most of the day then went for a walk and swim and watched the sun set. When I say it was hot I mean HOT. 40+! so as you can see I was drinking all day to keep hydrated. I had a good amount of energy considering and wasn't hungry. My body felt so light and good swimming, I much prefer it this way. I had energy late into the night and slept soundly.

B- Orange, beetroot, carrot, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, celery, cucumber juice
MT- Lemon juice, water, stevia
L- Orange, beetroot, carrot, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, celery, cucumber juice
AT- Lemon juice, water, stevia
D- Orange, beetroot, carrot, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, celery, cucumber juice
D- Orange, beetroot, carrot, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, celery, cucumber juice
Exercise- Walk along the beach with the dog. Walking up the dunes is a great workout!

Day 5 - 3.8 kg
Stacks of energy, up with the sun. I had an oddly stressful day with learner drivers, ended up tired but alert by the end of it. Made a huge batch of juices for me and the hubs, 3/4 a day each really adds up. Unfortunately had to buy some non-organic veg because it was all we could get but it still tastes lovely.

B- Orange, beetroot, carrot, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, celery, cucumber juice
L- Orange, beetroot, carrot, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, celery, cucumber juice
D- Carrot, lettuce, capsicum, beetroot juice
Exercise- Walk

Day 6 - 4.7 kg
Still feeling good overall but I left lunch too late and got REALLY tired, emotionally blah and cold. Must remember not to do that again. (Hormones to blame too). People around me are sick and I can feel my throat is a bit tender. Don't want to get sick- early night to make sure of it.

B- Carrot, lettuce, beetroot juice
L- Carrot, lettuce, capsicum, beetroot juice
D- Carrot, lettuce, beetroot juice
Exercise- Walk

Day 7 - 5.2 kg
Experimented with juices again and made my best one yet! I love juicing pomegranates. All is well, feeling much better than yesterday- just need to keep the juices regular and not let the hormones take over. Enjoying the down time to read at the beach. Most people bring fiction, I'm reading veg nutrition and raw cook books :)

B- Pomegranate, lettuce, cucumber juice
L- Pomegranate, lettuce, cucumber, mint, carrot, kale juice- This juice is AWESOME! Seriously yummy. I usually add a tiny bit of stevia to my veggie juices but this one does not need it. It's perfect just the way it is! I wish it was a prettier colour but the kale is worth it for it amazing nutrients. If you're going to try a juice, this would be my suggestion. mmmm
D- Tiny amount of Coconut water (tasted weird) Herbal teas
Exercise- Walk

Day 8 - 5.7 kg
'Sunshine, on the window, makes me happy, like I should be!' I want to move down to the beach. This lifestyle is just perfect. Looking after 2 pets and 2 children is completely different to my usual life (just me and hubs) so I think I'm adjusting pretty well. It's not as stressful as people kept telling me it would be- perhaps I'm just in a good place and adjusting though?

B- Pomegranate, lettuce, cucumber, mint, carrot, kale juice
L- Pomegranate, lettuce, cucumber, mint, carrot, kale juice
D- Pomegranate, lettuce, cucumber, mint, carrot, kale juice
D- Herbal Teas

 know what's funny- It's been a week since I've 'cooked' anything and I'm really missing it! When you do something so often it can seem like a chore... the first few days of no cooking and dishes was wonderful! but now I'm looking forward to getting back into the kitchen.

Love and Smiles,

P.S I'm having some serious internet problems out here so please bare with my while I try to use maccas wifi to reply to comments on my phone.
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Its time for a Juice Fast!

I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season and start to the new year. I've been laying low and taking some time to re-evaluate my goals, priorities and desires. I feel that now is the time to re-focus myself and enjoy some down time. I don't have any resolutions as such but a general renewed energy for my life values.

I've decided to start my year with a juice fast. I'm not planning on exerting myself (just enjoying the beach!) and don't have to be back working hard at uni for a couple of months so I think now is the perfect time to begin a juice fast.

I've water and juice fasted often in the past, usually for 3-10 days at a time but I'm curious to see if I can continue this one for longer. In addition to the usual positive differences in my mood, state of mind and body, I have more weight that I would like to shift and while it's not my main goal, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bonus.

I don't want to annoy you with daily updates but I'd like to share this journey so here's a brief recap of my first 3 days (in my opinion the hardest)...

Day 1
The first day is always the hardest. There were many thoughts of food, many questions swirling around my head about the purpose/length/quality of this juicy en devour. Did an almighty amount of produce prep and juicing today. Tried to keep busy around the house and keep my mind off food (not all that easy while editing photos for future blog posts!). Wishing I had an empty house, the cupboards and freezer are calling my name. Peed a LOT today, must have been the extra salt over the holidays. Those little indulgences are the reason for the detox sinus headache, zero energy and sore neck. Worth it?  perhaps...

#1 Apple, wheat grass, cucumber juice
#2 Beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, cucumber juice
Should have had more juice...

Day 2 -2.4 kgs
Getting easier, slightly dizzy upon waking but I'm feeling stronger in my conviction although temptation is all around. Having said that I made it through shopping at Costco and going out to dinner with a dear friend. Thank goodness for vegie bar! I did score 1kg packs of spinach and lettuce among many other to juice though! 
I've been thinking a lot about the length of this and potential weight loss today. Numbers keep floating into my mind. Its hard to sweep them back out, this is about how I'm feeling not numbers. 

#1 Pineapple, apple, cucumber juice
#2 Orange, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, cuce juice
#3 Orange, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, cuce juice
#4 Super Juice at vegie bar (carrot, beetroot, spinach, cucumber)
4 x 500ml juices worked much better, I shall try to keep that up.

Day 3- 3.3 kgs
Day 3 for me always rocks. No dizziness, no more headaches and stacks more energy! Even the hubs has noticed it. As long as I feel this good then I shall continue this juice fast. We went out for lunch and I happily sipped my veggie juices while my husband and father dug in to an assortment of delicious unhealthy food (who am I to deny them a holiday treat). I would not suggest this for others and would avoid it in the first couple of days but I felt confident enough to enjoy a day out. We walked quite a lot today and I had the energy/strength to do some exercise. I'll try to keep it to walking, yoga from now on though.

#1 Pineapple, apple, cucumber juice
#2 2 x Super Juices at vegie bar (carrot, beetroot, spinach, cucumber)
#3 Orange, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, cuce juice
#4 Orange, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, cuce juice

Now I have some questions for you. Have you/would you/do you juice fast? How long is your optimal fast? What are the benefits you find from fasting?

Love and Smiles,

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Strawberry & Vanilla Breakfast Smoothie

I love strawberries! After eating two luscious punnets plain I thought I should try and make something yummy with the third. They made this wonderfully quick breakfast that fuelled me perfectly until lunch. It's sweet and thick but refreshing and light- perfect for those mornings you have to rush out the door. If you're not a strawberry fan why not use another yummy berry or soft fruit? Let me know if it works out well!
Strawberry and Vanilla Breakfast Smoothie
Makes 1 large serve
2 tbsp oat flakes
2 tbsp quinoa flakes
1.5 cups almond milk
1 cup strawberries
Vanilla stevia to taste
1/2 tsp vanilla paste (or a couple of drops of extract)
  • Chop strawberries
  • combine all ingredients and blend until smooth
  • leave to sit for approx 10 mins to thicken
  • Enjoy!
Do you always eat breakfast? Sometimes I'm so busy I just grab a juice or piece of fruit to munch on the train so this is a good alternative for me- especially since it fits in a thermos/travel mug!

Love and Smiles,

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