Sunday, December 9, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award!

A little while ago now, Blessedmama kindly nominated me for this award. My apologies it's taken so long to get around to it but I really do appreciate it. Thank you.
7 Facts About Me
1. I believe life is short- why wait to do something you want? I got married young because I love my husband but it seems to baffle people. 

2. I adore animals and would love pets but we live in an apartment so I just can't do it... yet!

3. I'm a list maker. There's always so much to do, or so much spinning around my head than lists keep me sane.

4. I can't work in silence. There's just something about me that means I need talking, music or the tv on to work effectively. It's like blocking them out also means that my mind is quieter and I can better focus on one thing.

5. I love to Hula Hoop! I recently got an adult size weighted hoop and it's amazingly fun exercise.

6. I struggle with depression. I try to keep this blog a positive place but in the past when I have been absent for periods that was why.

7. Sometimes I forget to do the things that make me smile. Somtimes life gets to busy or important that what I want and need gets forgotten. Needless to say I'm working on that one.
15 Nominated Bloggers
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7. Ingrid- Ingrid Improves
8. Theresa- The tropical Vegan
9. Dawn- Vegan Fazool
11. Angela- Oh She Glows
12. Hannah- Bitter Sweet
14. Shaheen- Allotment to Kitchen
15. Lindsay- Cotter Crunch

Love & Smiles,

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