Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm going More Raw/High Raw!

Breaking News: I'm going more raw!

I've been thinking about this for a while now, reading, researching, finding delicious recipes, mulling things over in my mind and I've come to the conclusion I'd like to share this rawsome journey with you. 

I've decided to commit to eating more raw foods. I eat pretty close to high raw (80%) anyway, especially in the warmer weather and now I'm making it official. As of 12.12.12  (because it was such a special date) I'm increasing the amount of raw food I'm eating. 

I'm hesitant to label myself because I really just want to go MORE raw but I think I'll be aiming for high raw, so at least 80% raw. I'm not sure if this is 80% of the day, meal, volume or calories but I'm going to take a relaxed approach, eat as much rawderful food as I can and enjoy my meals.

I started this rawmazing journey a while ago now by incorporating veggie juices and green smoothies in my diet, then eating one meal a day raw, then eating raw before dinner and now I'm eating mainly raw aside from the things that I can't like condiments/spices and beans/grains for ease- although I'm experimenting with sprouting at the moment! I'm not aiming for 100% so I'm still going to have the occasional cooked meal, or more likely cooked component of the dish.

What does this mean for the blog? Not much really, you'll be seeing more rawvelous recipes but I'll still include some cooked foods as I do cook for more than just me and the 80/20- balance will still feature some cooked ingredients.

I know I'm only week in but I'm already feeling rawrrific! I've noticed positive differences in my quality of sleep, mood and alertness but on the down side I think I'm detoxing because my skin is breaking out! eek.

And in-case you missed it on twitter the winner of the Rhythm Superfoods kale chip give-away was...Mary Kate! Congratulations your Ranch and Zesty Nacho flavour kale chips are on their way to you.

Love and Smiles,

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