Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eating out in Melbourne...the reason I gained weight...

Eating out in Melbourne you have an abundance of delicious veggie options. We try not to eat out too often- the budget doesn't really allow for it and it tends to be less healthy too. But it is very very yummy! was how I got through my crazy assessments this year. I tried to take photos (apologies for the bad phone pics) so here's a jumble of the food I didn't cook this semester and most likely the reason I gained weight!

I love the luxury of getting juice out. Our local organic grocer does a delicious veggie juice. This one was assorted greens, beetroot and lemon.  It's just lovely to sit outside and read the paper sipping on juice. 
Gopals on Swanston st. is another great value veggie staple. It's about 10 bucks for a HUGE plate of assorted yumminess. It's cafeteria style cuisine from the Hari Krisha's so everyone's always lovely and friendly and knows what's vegan. I usually get the plate which has 1 grain (rice/buckwheat), 2 mains (veggie curries, koftas, stews, shepherds pies, stir fries etc.) and 2 Salads (green, chickpeas, beet/carrot slaw, bean shoot salad, pasta salad, cous cous salad, potato salad etc.)
This one was a delicious plate of buckwheat, shepherds pie, a kofta ball, brown chickpea salad and carrot and beetroot salad with tahini dressing... close up of the shepherds pie
And a close up of the wheat based Kofta Ball in it's spicy tomato curry sauce.
This one was rice with a samosa, veggie curry, asian style veggies, green salad and potato salad with tahini dressing.
Close ups of the veggie curry, potato salad with tahini dressing and asian style veggies...

This was lemon rice (really good), beetroot and carrot slaw with tahini dressing, veggie curry and tempeh and veggies.

So there you have it, some of the many many options at gopals... if you're in Melb and get the chance, try their dal soup too, it's awesome.

We gave in one night and ordered pizza from Crust Gourmet Pizza. They were good, but expensive! That was the one and only time that will be happening (despite the fact that my husband adored them and keeps reminding me how good they were!) On the up side they had a gluten free base and lots of options to make your own vegan pizza.
Cashews, potato, capsicum, spinach, eggplant.. I forget what else.. a tomato base?
Pear, rocket, potato, balsamic glaze, garlic base... I think.

Veggie Bar in Brunswick st. is one of our favourite places to eat out. It's all veg and has heaps of vegan options and lots of raw varieties. I LOVE it. Unfortunately so does everyone else and you can't book for less than 8 so you better come early and be comfy sitting close to strangers! It also has a great variety of yummy juices (sorry I forgot to photograph) that will get your imagination going. 

These dumplings are delish- not your traditional asian flavours/ingredients but still delish!
This raw entrée of veg and seed crackers and tomato dip was amazing. I now want a dehydrator kind of amazing. The crackers were veg pulp with sesame, sunflower seeds and something else that tasted great, maybe herbs? and the tomato dip was lovely and rich even though it's raw (potentially made with dehydrated tomatoes?)
This entrée is my husband's favourite- Dal, salad and roti, how can you go wrong? It's quite big so if you're just looking for a light meal this is enough. You can also sample this dal in their curry main....
The aforementioned dal with a creamy coconut chickpea curry, brown rice, roti and salad with soy yoghurt. Really really good. But also huge- veggie bar really is good value, huge portions, cheap, delicious.

This stack of deliciousness is a stuffed mushroom with sweet potato/quinoa mash, tomato sauce and salad. Really REALLY good.
This raw spaghetti bolognaise was supremely awesome. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. Nut based bolognaise? my nonna would scream! but this was delicious. The zucchini carrot 'pasta' was coated perfectly and the rocket base added that kick of flavour. The cashew 'parmasan' was divine- I've got to try and make some!

They do seriously good desserts... this chocolate royale cake is warm death by chocolate with toasted coconut, warm chocolate icing and cold soy ice cream. All kinds of unhealthy decadence. My husband and I struggled to finish it (seriously, don't attempt it alone) it's soooooo chocolatey. There are also smaller more sensible options like mini raw berry cheesecakes, raw carrot cakes, sticky date puddings, raw macaroons etc. which are a much more sensible size! 

Chocolate Buddha in Federation Square is another regular. I've already mentioned their delicious food in this post but this is one of their more hearty offerings- the perfect comfort food after a long week. You can't really see it but there are large silken tofu cubes along with rice and an abundance of delicious vegetables with a veggie miso soup on the side. Great value, super filling (I usually share the rice with my husband) and reasonably healthy.
The Cider House on Brunswick St. fed me some delicious edamame and this quinoa tabouleh- it was zingy, packed with fresh herbs and delicious! Not to mention their non-alcoholic cider options were a wonderful treat and highlight. They also had a mushroom barley soup that I tried another time but forgot to photograph (sorry) that was delicious too.

I think that's quite enough food for one post don't you? I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my treat meals over the last semester, there really are some great places to eat and lots of cheap veg options in Melbourne!
Love and Smiles,

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