Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vegan MoFo 8- What is Gluten? Seitan?

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What is Gluten? Seitan?
Gluten, seitan, wheat gluten, wheat meat, gluten meat or mock meat is the gluten component of wheat. The wheat has been washed to remove the starch until only the chewy, stringy protein remains. You can find it dehydrated, frozen and canned in the Asian grocer. You can fry, deep fry, steam, bake, boil it in much the same way as meat or tofu. You can find it plain (above) or already flavoured (below), or used in the production of vegetarian meat substitutes along with soy protein alternatives.
Personally I don't cook with it because gluten tends to upset my tummy so I don't have any recipes to share with you but my husband loves the stuff. There's a local vegetarian restaurant called Veggie Hut which has an array of dishes using gluten. You can find their menu here. Here's what their food looks like... (and if you were at veggie hut last week and saw a crazy woman taking photos of everyone's food with her phone- sorry!)
Veggie crackers (you know like prawn crackers but not), mock meat satay skewers (the pineapple & cucumber were mine!), veggie nuggets (mock chicken nuggets)...
 This is the crispy yam pot with prawns- it's pot is deep fried yam! I think it looks impressive. It has mock prawn, broccoli, chilli and cashews it's an awesome combo but I wouldn't try eating the whole bowl if I was you... even if it does taste amazing in small doses.
 The Singapore noodles have a mixture of mock meats, fish, prawn, pork with celery, capsicum, bean shoots, lettuce and rice noodles.
Their veggie dishes and soups are my favourites (imo monkey head mushrooms and spicy eggplant are hands down the best dishes) but since this is a gluten post I'm trying to stick to topic. There are many ways to eat gluten, but I'm yet to experiment with them when we have this little luxury in walking distance.
If I was to use gluten it would be in curries or stir-fries in much the same way as firm tofu or tempeh. When using the pre-flavoured versions you can even just fry it up and have it along side rice/noodles or in a sandwich as you can see in this post.
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