Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vegan MoFo 7- What is Toddy Palm Seed? Sapota?

If you're stuck for ideas you can find some good ideas for portable vegan food here.
What is Toddy Palm Seed?
The clear, crunchy yet jellylike sweet young seed from the Palmyra Palm. The young plants are eaten as a vegetable or cooked and made into meal. The fruits can be eaten raw or cooked, the sweet sap can be eaten or concentrated into palm sugar. You can find this sliced Palm Seed canned as Toddy fruit, Toddy seed, Palm seed or Toddy palm seed. I enjoy them as part of a tropical fruit salad.
What is Sapota?
The Sapota or Chiku tree produces this fleshy berry with thin skin and soft fibrous grainy pulp and dark seeds. The dark flesh has an intense caramely flavour which is unlike anything I've ever tasted in a fruit. It is also grown for latex used in gum and industrial products. You can eat the fruit raw or cook with it to break down the fibres- it makes great smoothies and fruit 'ice creams'.

You can find both Toddy Palm's seed and Sapota canned in syrup in the Asian grocer- simply drain and rinse them and enjoy! I like them as part of a tropical fruit salad, addition to a green salad or simply with a dollop of tofu 'cream' or soy 'ice cream'.
I know they look a little different but trying new things is fun! & you might find something you really enjoy.
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  1. how interesting!! i've never heard of that!


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