Friday, October 5, 2012

Vegan MoFo 5- What is Longan? Rambutan? Lychee?

If you're looking for some newly vegan info you can find my tips for eating out as a vegan here.
What is Longan? Rambutan? Lychee?

 Left Longan, Right Lychee, Front Rambutan
They are all juicy, sweet, white fleshed tropical fruits that taste similar yet different. Distinguishing them is a personal preference (read- I can tell you which one I like better but struggle to describe why). They're somewhat reminiscent of grapes in texture with a more exotic flavour and hard dark seed in the centre.
You can find these fruits fresh in season or canned and dried year round. Unfortunately they come in syrup so drain and rinse them before eating.
Young coconut is another yummy canned fruit. It's the soft, young flesh of the inner coconut that can be eaten alone or used in recipes. It has a slightly different flavour to the dried coconut or coconut milk/cream but is sweet, smooth with a little crunch and delicious. Give it a try in a coconut butter recipe or in a tropical fruit salad.
I usually just eat these as a tropical fruit salad so have yet to blog them but they would make a lovely fruit 'ice cream', drink or mock-tail like these...
Why not take a peek at the canned fruity goodies next time you're in the Asian grocer?
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