Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vegan MoFo 3- What is dried sweet potato?

If you're new to veganism you can find my sample vegan menu from last year here.
What is dried Sweet Potato?
Delicious! It's simply a dehydrated sliced root vegetable. Sweet potato or kumura comes in whites, purples, yellows and oranges but I've only come across dehydrated orange sweet potato. I'm sure the others would be just as delicious though.
 This sweet starchy tuber is great for you and tastes like a cross between pumpkin and potato. it lends itself to both sweet and savoury dishes (think cinnamon & sweet potato pie or curry) perfectly. The only thing you have to watch for are any added sugar or salt in the drying. Try to go for the plain ones- they are really sweet as is so you won't be missing any flavour I can assure you. Since these taste divine alone I don't think you really need to cook them- just enjoy in moderation, so here are some other dried fruit finds...
 After my jackfruit post I think you get the idea that I love the stuff but I forgot to mention you can also get it dried! Yum yum yum. Kumquots are ordinarily too tart to enjoy but when you dry them they're much more palatable and quite an adventure.
 Longon, (available fresh and canned too) makes a great sweet dried snack or ingredient. Asian red dates are another yummy dried fruit to try. They're great for you and can be used in sweet or savoury dishes. They're much drier than the usual dark dates so need to be soaked.
 Dried lily bulbs are usually used in asian soups.... and the coconut shavings are a pretty alternative to shaved or dessicated.
 These dried mango sheets are moist and chewy and oh so sweet! The regular dried mango has a much drier fibrous texture but these are smooth and decadent.
 You can also find dried and salted foods like mandarin peel and red ginger for the more adventurous recipes.
Here are some of my recipes which you can use any dried fruits in, simply choose something of roughly the same sweetness and consistency or soak the drier fruits before using. 
I love having dried fruit/veg as a treat. They're so sweet that I make it an infrequent occasion and try to stick to the fresh stuff but when you're in the mood it really hits the spot. Why not try something new next time you're in the dried isle?
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