Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vegan MoFo 18- What is a Bamboo Steamer?

What is a Bamboo Steamer?
In my opinions, the best use for bamboo! They come in many many different sizes and can be stacked many tiers high for steaming dumplings, buns, vegetables, tofu etc. You can place greaseproof paper in the bottom or simply place your food on a plate then lower it in. You just put the steamer, full of however many tiers you need on top of a pot/wok of boiling water with the food that takes longest on the bottom & let it steam away! Be careful when removing the lid- steam burns...
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Ok even though I don't like the taste of it I should mention that it is available fresh, frozen, preserved and canned at the Asian grocer. It's used in many many savoury dishes.
Even if I don't like the taste of bamboo I can still appreciate it and be thankful for my bamboo chopping board and steamer. I do like banana flowers though! You can find them fresh or in tins. They taste something like artichoke and are used like a vegetable in savoury Asian dishes.
All in all If you're even in need of a steamer I highly recommend the bamboo steamers you can find in your local Asian grocers for just a few dollars. 
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