Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vegan MoFo 17- What is miso?

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What is miso?
A salty, earthy, fermented seasoning ingredient. Miso can be made from soy, barley or rice but has more recently branched out into varieties such as buckwheat, hemp, quinoa and chickpeas. You can also find other bean pastes such as black bean and lotus seed pastes.
It comes in thick pastes or dried powders and ranges from white, yellow, orange, red, brown to black. It's high in protein and rich in minerals and vitamins. 
It can be used to make soups, as a stock, seasoning or spread and lends itself to almost any savoury dishes.
Here are some of my recipes that feature miso.
There are so many different miso versions. Why not give something new a try? Just make sure you read the ingredients because some contain benito (fish).
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  1. Thanks for sharing all the different ways to use Miso. I;ve never been much of a soy person but I love all the recipes you shared!


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