Monday, October 22, 2012

Vegan MoFo 16- What are dried flowers?

If you'd like some pointers you can find my post on vegan-ising recipes here
What are dried flowers?
A wonderful way to make your own teas! My favourites are jasmine flowers and rose flowers. You can add them to a tea you already have- they're good with green tea- or you can just make a simple flower tea with them in a combination or alone.
While we're discussing tea I thought I'd share my love/obsession with you. My teas of choice are usually herbal loose leaf. In Australia there's a little slice of heaven called T2 which has an amazing selection (& no I've not been asked to say this, I would just live off tea if I could) and I tend to get most of my teas from there or at coffee shops who make their own blends. These are an investment but they're so strong you can brew the same leaves multiple times (I think 4 is my record) to make them last.
We have quite a rotating selection.. my husband likes the blacks and I stick to the herbals, greens and reds.Turkish apple is one of my favourites, as is Gen Mai Cha Sencha- a toasted rice green blend and Gorgeous geisha- the strawberry green. My husband loves the black vanilla, crème brulee, strong earl gray and chai. You really can't go wrong, everything I've tasted has been good- some better than others, but all yum.
When I worked away from home this year I had to find some bagged teas to take with me- T2 does sell them but they're expensive so I ended up finding these (and of course found more at the health food store while I was away). The fruity mixes were divine and the Tulsi came in Chai, rose, licorice and pomegranate green to keep me going.
I know I'm a bit of an enthusiast but why not branch out a little with your tea choices? You mind find something new you really love!... oh and do yourself a favour and brew your tea at the right temperature (green= 80, black= 100)
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