Monday, October 15, 2012

Vegan MoFo 11- What is Nori? Kombu? Seaweed?

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What is Nori? Kombu? Seaweed?
A high fibre and protein algae that comes in many edible forms. You can find green, brown and red edible seaweeds that can be used to wrap sushi, cook in soups or be processed into an extract like agar agar or carrageenan. Seaweed can be cooked down into a gelatinous thickener, gelling agent or emulsifier. Seaweed is a salty unique flavour of the sea and is great for you, packed with iodine, calcium and magnesium.
Kombu is a thick, robust seaweed that makes a lovely addition to soups, bean/lentil dishes (and aids digestion). It has a stronger flavour and structure than the fine seaweed, stripped seaweed or nori sheets.
Nori is the the thin sheets of seaweed we're most acquainted with in sushi. It makes a great garnish, salad ingredient or snack. I buy mine from the local sushi shop, it's the cut off from making hand rolls and is extremely cheap.
Personally my favourite way to eat seaweed is in the Seaweed salad you can buy at most sushi places- I know it's neon and most likely full of colouring, sugar and salt but the sesame chilli seaweed combo is absolutely delicious.
You can find seaweed in some of my recipes like these, or as a garnish just sprinkled over a finished dish or salad.
Seaweed really isn't a scary ingredient- think about how often you eat it in sushi! Why not give some other seaweeds a try?
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