Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Perfect Day

To end this hectic blogging month I thought I'd share something a little different. Today I'm recording/reminding myself a wonderful day. Christmas came early- actually, it was better than Christmas- no stress!
My perfect day consisted of...
Both myself and my husband being on holiday
Creating a new recipe, cooking, photographing and blogging it
Eating dessert for breakfast (it was both chocolatey and healthy)
Gorgeous sunshine and a day that was warm but not too hot
A lovely long walk to a gorgeous cafe
Beautiful flowers in bloom everywhere
Divine glass glasses, teapot, cup and water container
Green mango and peach tea with my father and husband
Beautiful flowers seriously everywhere- including our table & the bathroom
Window shopping in all the cute shops...
Shopping shopping! Early Christmas gifts of a scarf, 2 necklaces and earrings... spoilt or what?
How beautiful is it? So soft and thin, perfect for Australia and the subtle feminine colours will go with pretty much everything!
The necklace on the left and earrings are handmade by the same woman- they're too gorgeous! Just perfect for work- I love how art teachers have a little more freedom with their appearance :) 
The second necklace is silver and gold, a delicate little tree with a dove! They're separate so when you move the dove flies around the tree/your neck. I love it.
Finding orange balsamic and pomegranate balsamic vinegar and some amazing spices (Burberee, beetroot powder, habenero chillies, amchuur (dried mango powder)
More window shopping in a huge antique store
Shopping at the health food store (found micro herb seeds to grow)
Another long walk home to find my mason jars had arrived!
Re-organised my cupboard while listening to great music- so all my dry stores are neat and matching! (I may be a little OCD but it   really makes me smile)
Another walk to the charity shop to donate my old jars (originally from the $2 store and who's lids are no longer air tight)
Shopping at the supermarket and asian grocers
Perfect bedroom fun
Lots and lots of Hugs
Relaxing time lying down with my husband talking about nothings with sun streaming in the window
Cooking and eating a scrummy dinner
Baking dessert for my other half
Photo editing, blogging and watching/listening to Big bang theory
Early to bed... sweet dreams full of whirls of colours that looked like one of my favourite scarves...
I hope you all have many, many perfect days!
All the very best,

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