Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chocolate Mousse Tarts

This Chocolate Mousse Tart is the last instalment of the chocolate course from the other night when I made a vegan feast for my friend.
I've worked my way through it, I've already shared my favourite- the chocolate coated almond butter stuffed dates and chocolate covered grapes and chocolate dipped dried apricots and the chocolate coated apricot nut truffles. Now it's time for the chocolate mousse tarts. They worked beautifully, they're thick, rich, creamy and completely satisfying. I used the same base as the mixture for the apricot nut truffles, it's lovely and soft, sweet and apricot-ey. They work perfectly together, even though they're both intense flavours they compliment each other, the sweet apricots and bitter dark chocolate combine with the thick creamy mousse to form this wonderfully decadent dessert.
Chocolate Mousse Tarts

Makes 6 large serves
2 x 300g packets Silken tofu (pressed in the tofuXpress)
1/2 cup 70% Dark Chocolate
1/2 cup Walnuts
1/2 cup Almond pulp
1 cup Dried Apricots
1 tbsp + 1 tsp Vanilla paste
Stevia (to taste)
  • Press silken tofu in press overnight- I use the tofuXpress and can not recommend it enough
  • Soak dried apricots in hot water until tender (10 mins?)
  • Drain
  • Blend in food processor until a paste forms
  • Add Walnuts and pulse until broken into small pieces
  • Add Almond pulp/Almond meal and pulse to combine
  • Scrape down the sides as you do to ensure it's evenly combined
  • Add Vanilla paste + stevia to taste
  • Spoon into muffin casings
  • Using wet hands mould into the sides to make a thick nut/fruit 'pastry'
  • Chop chocolate
  • Melt in bain marie
  • Add silken tofu, vanilla paste + stevia
  • Blend well with an immersion blender (quickly! it sets)
  • Spoon into tart shells
  • Drizzle chocolate over truffles
  • Leave to semi set for 5 mins
  • Top with cacao nibs
  • Leave to set fully for 10 mins
  • Enjoy!
  • (These keep well in the fridge for up to 2 weeks)
I hope you like these as much as we did!
All the best,

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  1. Every time you post a new recipe I get more and more jealous of that lucky friend!

    1. Good thing that's the last one then! :P Thanks for the comment xxx

  2. Oh gosh - these sound incredible. I love that there's no baking involved too!

  3. wow Claire. These look incredible! YUMMMMM!

  4. Im new to this veggie life...and am so happy to find another veggie blog...your recipes look amazing, can't wait to try some :)

    Your newest follower, Monkey

  5. These sound scrumptious!

    Thanks for sharing on HVF!

  6. These sound really good! :) My name is Cindy and I blog over at I wanted to invite you to link up your recipe at our Gluten Free Fridays Recipe Link up party! It happens every Friday and we'd love to have you join us with some of your awesome recipes! You can find this week's link up here:
    Thanks, Cindy


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