Thursday, June 28, 2012

Food Stories Award!

I got nominated for a food stories award! :) Thanks Theresa! Theresa blogs over at The Tropical Vegan you should all go check her out, she shares gorgeous homey food, her life, gardening, tips for budgeting (not just recipes) and she uses Aussie ingredients that I don't see on many blogs. All in all her blog is a great read and she's a lovely person who shines through it.
Ok so I'm supposed to share a random fact about me. What can I tell you...
In addition to completing my masters degree I am working on multiple research projects. Who says you have to take holidays? At the moment I'm working on an epic research project aiming to enhance visual observation skills in subject areas other than art- so with doctors, dentists and historians at the moment, I believe the neuroscientists are next! The project also includes a focus on empathy. Yes that's right people, I am teaching empathy! To be honest I thought they were kidding at first, I mean- empathy is a basic human emotion right? everyone has empathy! Apparently not... I find it depressing to the point of hilarity that I am teaching empathy. Is it just me? or do you guys think that's odd too?

And now for the nominees:
In random order...
1. Lou from Fridge Scrapings
2. Emily von Euw from This Rawsome Vegan Life
3. Glutenfreehappytummy from Glutenfreehappytummy
4. Joey from Flicking the V's
5. Sarah from This is what I eat

These are all great blogs, I can't suggest enough that you give them a read!
Sharing random facts is kind of fun, perhaps I should do it more often..If you ever have any questions feel free to ask in comments, email, whatever- there's a pretty good chance you'll get an answer.
I hope you're all well!
All the best,

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  1. Wow Claire, thank you so much! I'm honored:) And how awesome that you've got your masters! way to go! :D -Caralyn

  2. Congratulations, Claire! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Aww thanks Claire! Congrats! You deserve it!

  4. Great fact! Your research project(s) sound interesting. I love research so much - it's such a rewarding career. What area is your masters in?

  5. Thanks guys! :)
    Theresa- my masters is in education specialising in secondary visual arts teaching. My research is an assessed component of it (along with the practical teaching, classes and assignments) I've only just started considering it as a career- at the moment my valuable time is volunteered but hopefully when I graduate I can work out what I want to do... teaching at the tertiary level is much more interesting I must admit. Who knows what fun the future holds!


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