Monday, April 30, 2012

Baked Vanilla Tofu with Sour Cherry Topping

I found these gorgeous little dishes at the op shop. I know, it's an addiction but there are worse things in life, plus the money goes to charity and I get cute kitchen things to play with. So a few things came to mind, I could use them for entree size soups, savoury crumbles, bean dishes, lentil dishes, mini veggie casseroles, mini pilaffs, even baked puddings like clafoutis, tofu puddings, chia puddings, overnight oats, baked oats etc etc etc. I went with a vegan version of sweet baked ricotta...sweet baked tofu!

Baked Vanilla Tofu with Sour Cherry Topping
Makes 3 serves (103 calories per serve)
Baked Tofu
1 tsp agar
1/2 cup hot water
1 x 300g packet of silken tofu
20 drops vanilla sweetener
1 vanilla pod
3 tsp natvia (stevia sweetener) to top
Sour Cherry Topping
1/4 jar Organic sour cherries in water
1 tsp agar agar

Baked Tofu
  • Combine
  • blend
  • refrigerate if you want it more creamy 
  • bake
  • enjoy hot
  • or refrigerate and enjoy cold
  • or add cherry topping!
Sour Cherry Topping
  • Blend cherries and their juice
  • simmer for 20 mins to reduce
  • add agar agar
  • stir until dissolved and evenly distributed
  • spoon over baked tofu
  • enjoy warm as a thick jammy consistency
  • or refrigerate and enjoy as a jelly consistency
These are delicious. Completely and utterly delicious. Sweet, creamy- just what you want from a dessert and they're healthy! 

All the best,
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  1. I love those pots - they are so cute!
    Mm this sounds delicious! And healthy :) when I finally manage to convince mum to let me buy tofu I will definitely try this :)
    Lottie x

  2. Ooo Yummy!! They look so delicious. Will have to try this recipe.
    And the pots are gorgeous. I think I might need to go op shopping this weekend. Sometimes I take one bag of stuff to donate while buying another bag of irresistible stuff. It's the only way to keep my cupboards from over flowing!

  3. The pots look just so cute! i bet what is inside them is yum!

    btw - whats happening to your site on facebook? I have my newsfeed spammed with diet pills coms from it hehe

  4. Claire, has anyone told you that you're brilliant? No? Claire, you're brilliant. I can't wait to make this recipe!!!

  5. Hey, where have you been lately? I miss your delicious looking recipes!

    Thanks for your comment & concern on my blog post. I am trying to stick to a meal plan, but it is getting easier and easier to slip out of it. My mom is going to come down sometime in the next few weeks and stay with me, that should help keep me on better track. She knows my history and watches me like a hawk. I am dreading her visit for obvious reasons, but I know I need someone to keep me in check right now.

  6. I'm addicted to opp shopping. Cute little dishes, and I LOVE the idea of baking tofu like this for a dessert... mmm winter night sweet treat for sure :)

  7. Tofuuu! I never thought its possible to combine with cherry! I should probably try this! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Beautiful! I've been working on something a little similar, a little different. Love the little dishes.

  9. This sounds so yummy! I'll be making it soon, I suspect. Do you ever use chia seeds? I recently made an apricot clafoutis using soy milk and chia seeds - kind of reminiscent of this (plus I used buckwheat flour and almond meal instead of regular flour to make it better for my tummy too!) and I bet you'd like it.

  10. Brilliant photographs! wow....lovely n delicious .it tastes yummy too!
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