Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Strawberry & Banana Sunday with Cacao Orange Drizzle

Dessert or breakfast? Both! This scrumptious Fruit Sunday with Cacao Orange Drizzle is sweet and juicy with an intensely chocolatey topping to make it extra special. I think everything's brighter in a day that started with a beautiful and delicious breakfast don't you? This one will put a smile on your face- I know it made me feel special. 

Strawberry and Banana Sunday with Cacao Orange Drizzle
I couldn't decide on which pretty glass to use so I made two... but they were so yummy I ate them both in one day. Breakfast AND dessert!
Naked they're a gorgeous fruit sunday...
...but with the cacao orange drizzle they're a delicious extra special treat! 
Makes 2 serves
1 x 250g punnet organic strawberries
1 medium banana

1/4 quanity of cacao orange drizzle
  • chop fruit in small bite sized chunks
  • layer alternately in glass/bowl
  • make cacao orange drizzle
  • drizzle fruit with cacao orange drizzle
  • enjoy!
Trust me this drizzle is insanely strong! you really only need a tiny bit over your fruit. I know it's low cal and no fat so you're going to want to eat the whole thing but no! It's so wonderfully strong that you only need a teeny tiny bit. 

Cacao Orange Drizzle
Makes 4 serves (you really don't need much!)
3 tbsp cacao
1/4 tsp orange blossom water
30 drops stevia
2 1/4 tbsp liquid (I suggest soy milk for a fuller flavour but water's a great low cal option)

  • combine ingredients well adding liquid slowly until you reach desired consistency
  • store covered as it will dry out- if this happens just add more liquid and stir well until it thins out
  • enjoy over fruit/desserts!
This recipe would work wonderfully as a Cacao-Vanilla drizzle, subbing out the orange blossom for some vanilla extract or even as Cacao-Strawberry with extract or blended strawberries or if you wanted a richer version using coconut oil instead of water to make a Cacao-Coconut drizzle that sets hard would be absolutely delicious. I think I'll have to make some more and test it out- If anyone has any suggestions let me know!
All the best,

p.s. How you do like the taking photos with one hand and drizzling chocolate sauce with the other? I was impressed by my multitasking without making a chocolatey mess.. not that I would have had any problems licking my fingers clean :) 
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  1. Kudos on the photo taking! I always have trouble keeping things centered & in focus with one hand.

    These look spectacular! The drizzle is such a great touch, too. Perfect breakfast and dessert!

  2. OMG that is so pretty! I agree with Molly, the drizzle is a lovely finish and I'm sure it adds just the perfect richness to make something nice taste a bit naughty :) Such a beautiful, vibrant and healthy treat! Strawberries and bananas are my favorite fruit combo!

    I am impressed by your multitasking as well :) The photos look lovely and the drizzle pic with the spoon is very impressive! Great post!

  3. Often when I see your posts - I wish there was a "like" button hehe :)


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