Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pandan 'Custard'

Have you tried pandan yet? If not you have to! It's a wonderful flavour to add to desserts and works especially well with asian dishes.. it's almost like the asian vanilla. To give you an idea of how amazing it is I've been opening the door, sticking my head in and sniffing the fridge for days because the aroma coming from the fresh pandan leaves is so delicious- and that's before it's even cooked! It's seriously cheap and delicious- go and grab some from your local asian grocer and make this... it's sweet, creamy and scrumptious (yes even while being healthy, low cal and sugar free)

Pandan 'Custard'
Makes 4 x 1 cup serves
3 cups lite soy milk (I made mine with 1.5 cups full fat bonsoy + 1.5 cups water)- but you can make it with full fat soy milk too, it will be extra rich and creamy!
1 cup water
13g agar agar + vanilla (don't ask me why there was vanilla in my agar agar, I couldn't read the writing on it, for those of you in Aus get the blue and white packet not the yellow one!)
15 mini scoops powdered stevia/30 drops liquid stevia (or natural sweetener of your choice)
2 large bruised pandan leaves
  • bruise/knot pandan leaves
  • heat with milk and water on a low heat until fragrant
  • remove pandan
  • add agar agar
  • dissolve over heat while stirring (so the agar agar doesn't clump at the bottom)
  • pour into moulds to 'set' or leave to cool (remember they will set at room temperature but even faster in the fridge)
  • enjoy!
It sets like thick custard (you know the vile stuff you get pre-made in the fridge section?) but if you want it thinner just add more liquid/less agar agar. 

This will taste lovely with any dessert you'd have cream/ice cream with or fruit but I enjoyed them alone- they've got enough creamy flavour to be a stand alone dessert if you ask me. I hope you give pandan a go, it really is delicious and so much cheaper than vanilla! 

All the best,

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