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Today I've agreed to participate in FARM's national Meatout campaign! If I can help anyone transition into a plant based diet I will, so this seemed like a no brainer- post yummy vegan food and healthy living tips- done and done :)
FARM is the wonderful organisation that runs Meatout Mondays- have you given them a try yet? If you're not yet veg but want to help the animals, environment and your health starting with just one day a week is a nice gentle learning curve to introduce some delicious veggie meals into your diet. 

Claire's Meatout Tips

  • Don't take on too much! Try picking one new recipe a week and go for it, slowly but surely you'll create a new menu of your favourites.
  • DONT EAT THINGS YOU DONT LIKE!!! I know it may sound stupid but if you're settling then you're not going to truly enjoy your food. Eat meals you love, that make you smile and warm your heart. If you're not a salad fan then get your greens in a soup/stew or smoothie! You always have yummy options.
  • Remember to include treats/desserts so you don't feel deprived.
  • Try to think outside the box- why not use tofu/legumes as your sauce or in your desserts for instance?
  • Get some good veggie cookbooks (and USE them!)
  • Take shortcuts, make it easy for yourself- use pre prepared food, canned beans, faux mean/dairy until you can adjust and make your own healthier versions- once you get into a routine it will be easier than ever before. 
  • Pre chop veggies, pre cook or soak grains/beans. Treat your fridge like a deli, have a selection of prepared foods to choose from to make quick, easy, yummy meals.
  • Make sure you eat enough quantity wise- plant based foods are low calorie so you'll most likely have to up your portion sizes. 
  • When you're making meal choices go for a combination of carbs + protein + veggies + healthy fats + herbs/spices = you will always end up with an awesome meal that will fill and satisfy you!
  • If you having a hard time saying goodbye to meat my husband found that having faux meats like seitan chicken & duck, 'sausage' rolls, mock sausages/burgers, mock dairy like creams & cheeses can help the transition... and then there's always non dairy chocolate, ice cream, lollies etc etc.
  • Bake cakes on special occasions and enjoy every bite, never think of your food choices as deprivation- because they're not. 
  • Try pressing and freezing tofu for a 'meatier' texture.
  • Start mixing vegetables into dishes that you usually eat that are predominantly meat based and slowly change the ratios.
  • Use strong flavours (herbs, spices, stocks) when you start eliminating meat.
  • If texture is an issue try bending fruit/veg into your meals.
  • Cook in batches- make a big pot of stew/soup/hummus etc and freeze it! you wont have to cook a full meal every night- just pull it out in the morning and you'll have dinner waiting for you after a long day at work. 

I think you might find some of my posts from VeganMOFO helpful too:
If you're looking for some general tips, great vegan cookbooks, a delicious sample vegan Menu, tips for eating out as a vegan & some of my favourite options, the important things to remember with nutrition, tips for veganising recipes, portable vegan food.

If you're looking for food ideas you can always check out my diet/menu page! & If you're still stuck for options here's an example of what I like to eat:
 (click on the links for the recipes and pretty photos!)
Buckwheat/quinoa porridge with berries/fruit
Tofu Scramble/Cooked Veggies
Fruit sunday/fruit 'ice cream'/banana split/Smoothies
Fruit/Veg sticks/Dips/Nut Truffles/Cakes
Monster Salads & yummy Dressings/Soups/Stir fry/Sandwiches/Pasta or wholegrain Salads
Curries/Stir fry/Soups/Risottos/Pasta/Roasts/Lentils/Dal/Lentil loafs/Burritos 
Tofu Pudding/Jelly Cakes/Fruit 'ice cream'/Cakes/Nut Truffles/Fruit Sunday 

I hope that gives you an idea of just how easy and yummy transitioning to a plant based diet is. Go on- give it a go, try one day a week- meatout mondays are a great easy way to get into the swing of things!
All the best, 

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  1. Great tips for a transitioner! People think it is really hard to transition and maybe it is because I did it so long ago but I don't remember having a hard time. I also thought meat was gross so of course it wouldn't be hard for me to give it up :) Great post though, definitely one to bookmark and pass on to someone curious about a veg diet!


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