Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Berry Banana Split with Cacao Orange Drizzle

Like banana splits? This healthy version is sweet, juicy, rich and chocolatey! it tastes delicious and has no added sugar or fat. 

Fruit makes such a wonderful breakfast, I decided I wanted a banana split the other morning but we were out of fruit 'ice cream'.. the horror! This recipe would work wonderfully with different flavours of fruit 'ice cream' replacing/accompanying the fruit... ah well, there's always next time...

Berry Banana Split with Cacao Orange Drizzle
Pre cacao orange drizzle
Post cacao orange drizzle (I thinned it out a bit from yesterday)
Makes 1 Serve
1 small banana
1/4c grapes
1/4c (frozen) raspberries
1 punnet blackberries
Cacao Orange Drizzle
  • Cut banana lengthwise
  • lay in dish
  • add fruit
  • make cacao drizzle
  • drizzle over fruit
  • enjoy!
It was such a wonderful way to start the day I was still drooling over it at dinner.. so went for round two and made this for dessert.  
Black and Green Fruit Glass with Cacao Orange Drizzle
Makes 1 serve
1/2 cup grapes
1/2 cup blackberries
Cacao Orange Drizzle
  • Make drizzle
  • Layer fruit & sauce
  • enjoy!
These are wonderful breakfasts/snacks/desserts. There's no reason to feel deprived when you're eating healthy- break out the nice plates and glasses, put a little effort into your meals (or 2 mins for these!) and enjoy every mouthful.

All the best,

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  1. First I want to say thanks for always saying the right things :) I am really going to take care of my body and give it the nutrient it needs - specially now :) - and I am looking forward to try more and more of your recipes - they always look sooo yum ^^


  2. Oh, what a wonderful and delicious way to satisfy our sweet tooth!


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