Friday, February 10, 2012

What is a Jackfruit?

Yummy! Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that can be eaten ripe or unripe, canned or fresh.
This is fresh Jackfruit: (source google images)

Jackfruit can be sourced fresh or canned- personally there's no way I could eat an entire one and they can be a bit of a challenge to clean (but well worth it for the flavour!) I buy my jackfruit, both young green/unripe and sweet/ripe from the local asian grocery store in cans.
This is the ripe sweet jackfruit that tastes like a cross between pineapple and banana with a dense carby stringy texture that is just divine. They only drawback is that they're packed in syrup but I just drain and rinse them well. If you can find them in natural juice or water go for those.

This is the young green jackfruit. It's unripe so it isn't sweet like a fruit rather more subtle with the same stringy/fleshy texture and carby density. When cooked it has a texture similar to overcooked meat which lends itself wonderfully to vegan dishes that need a meat replacement.

and it's very low cal and great for you!

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Theresa from The Tropical Vegan did a great post on preparing fresh Jackfruit that you can find here.
I really hope you give jackfruit a try- it's a wonderful ingredient and I love cooking with it.
All the best,

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