Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vegan 'Turkish' Delight

After my first try at agar agar 'delights' I was left unsatisfied by the texture- yes they were delicious but they were missing something- I did a little experimenting and I think you'll find these are much closer to the original (and rosewater flavour!) 

I love the texture of these gorgeous sweets, they're not as sticky as some Turkish delights can be but they're not too wet or jelly like like the ones I posted yesterday were. If you're after a more sticky consistency simply increase the amount thickener (arrowroot/ cornstarch/tapioca) and decrease the quantity of agar agar so everyone can reach their perfect Turkish delight texture! Either way they're absolutely delicious- still sugar free and low cal so dig in! We are :) yum yum yum.

Vegan 'Turkish Delight'
Makes 30 large or 40 small squares (total recipe= 112 calories so 2 or 3.7 cals per square)
2 tbsp arrowroot (or cornstarch or tapioca)
2 tbsp agar agar
1.5 tbsp rosewater (get the good quality stuff!)
1 tsp cream of tatar
4 1/4 cups water
1 drop red food colouring (get a natural one)
10 tsp natvia (granulated stevia sweetener)
1 tbsp powdered stevia
Powdered natvia (or any sweetener)
  • combine arrowroot, cream of tatar, agar agar + 1/4 cup water to make a slurry (make sure you get all the lumps out now!)
  • combine all ingredients in a pot
  • heat, stirring, for approximately 15 mins until thickened
  • pour into moulds/container/lined baking tray
  • set in fridge for 30 mins minimum
  • cut into cubes
  • leave uncovered for 24hrs in the fridge (optional but I think it's worth it to dry them out a bit)
  • blend natvia in spice/coffee grinder to form powdered natvia
  • dust over 'turkish' delights
  • enjoy!
You can see the colour difference as they dry out a little- personally I'd happily eat them either way but the texture is more authentic if you leave them in the fridge overnight. Plus the icing sugar stays on better, if they're too wet it gets a tad messy (and fun). 

I hope you like these as much as I do, let me know if you try any variations so I can continue perfecting the recipe? Actually that goes for every recipe, I love constructive feedback (positive or negative) I think it helps us reflect and grow. Do you?

All the best,

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  1. What a lovely color! I bet these have a really nice, fresh flavor. I like you agar agar experiments, that is one ingredient that is really intimidating to me!

  2. Can you just fedex some over my way?! <3

  3. These are so beautiful, Claire! I have a friend who's been itching to try making vegan Turkish Delight; I'll pass this link along to her. What a score!

  4. Wow, I'm excited to try these! I've been doing The Hormone Diet by Natasha Turner and have not eaten, wheat, sugar or dairy for a month but with Christmas coming up I'm searching for fun yummy ideas to stay on track. I was thinking instead of rosewater i'd try flavored extract or flavored stevia.

    1. Thanks, I'm sure you're feeling better- best to stock up and not blow it at Xmas. These would be lovely with the stevia's I've tried with cacao, vanilla, orange- I'm not sure about the cinnamon but let me know how it goes!

  5. Hi there! I'm extremely keen to try this out today, but I just wanted to check- if I'm using fructose instead of natvia (which I can't find in shops by me), what would the measurements be? I've found some sort of conversion for stevia --> sugar but fructose is a bit sweeter than normal sugar, I've found.

    Thanks! :D These look so sublime, I figure a "tester" batch before the holidays should suit my craving just fine.

    1. I've never used fructose but I'm assuming it's small white granules? Natvia is 1:1 with sugar so if fructose is sweeter than sugar you'd just have to decrease the quantity. I'd start with 6-8 tsp and just give it a taste and adjust :) You want it to be quite sweet but not over the top as you've still got the powdered sweetener on the outside to go- which is as much or as little as you desire so don't stress about it.
      I hope you enjoy them! xxx

  6. I have also done this with glutenous rice flour, following the mochi recipe but flavoring the mix with rose water and a splash of lemon. The result is so close to Turkish delight made with cornstarch that most people can't tell the difference.

    The tutorial I used (and adapted - skipping the ice cream part obviously) for making this is here: http://youtu.be/inISy33a2Xo

    I chilled them and rolled them in a bit of the rice flour at the end.

  7. Please can you tell me if you are using Agar Agar flakes or powder in this recipe. I've never used either, but understand that it makes a difference.
    Looking forward to trying it! Many thanks.

    1. I use agar agar powder. Thanks for checking! Enjoy x


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