Sunday, February 19, 2012

'Creamy' Potato & Pea Salad

This was way better than my previous potato salad- using tofu 'mayo' makes it much lighter (and healthier!) and the addition of peas is perfect. This would be wonderful to take to BBQs- and if you don't like peas then you can always sub in another veggie you do like.
'Creamy' Potato and Pea Salad
Makes 3 small or 2 large serves
1.5 cups frozen peas
5 baby potatoes
1/3 quantity 'Mayo' from the happy herbivore pg. 271 (silken tofu, vinegar, sweetener/stevia, dijon mustard, lemon juice)
5 fresh sage leaves
  • Boil or roast potatoes in aluminium foil (I used baby ones that only took 20 mins at 180)
  • cool in fridge
  • cook and drain peas
  • make mayo- blend all ingredients- use 1/3
  • chop potatoes
  • add tofu mayo
  • mix gently
  • add finely chopped sage
  • add peas
  • enjoy!

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  1. Sounds good. But, if I was making this just for me, I'd take you up on your suggestion and sub out the peas for shredded carrots or bell peppers. However, the rest of my family are pea lovers.

  2. my hubby loves peas, especially creamy ones. I might try it with greek yogurt!


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