Monday, February 27, 2012

Cacao Vanilla Agar Agar Delight

Need a sugar fix but don't eat sugar? don't want the extra calories? don't want anything unhealthy?- I've got just the treat for you! They're 1.5 calories per square...27 cals for the entire batch! Now these don't have the exact texture of turkish delight, they're a bit too agar agar-ish and were a bit moist- I've already made another rosewater batch with a binder that fixes up the texture.. but this first batch still tastes wonderful so I thought I'd post them anyway. These have a more firm jelly texture but taste divine regardless.

Cacao Vanilla Agar Agar Delight
Makes 18 large squares
20 drops vanilla stevia sweetener
10 drops cocoa extract
3 cups hot water
1 tbsp agar agar
Natvia (granulated stevia sweetener) to serve (to taste)

  • combine ingredients 
  • blend well to make sure agar agar is dissolved 
  • pour into dish to set 
  • refrigerate for 30 mins 
  • blend natvia to form 'icing sugar' 
  • release set delight from the edges of dish 
  • turn out gently 
  • cut into large 2-bite sized portions 
  • serve sprinkled with powdered nativa 'sugar' 
  • enjoy! 
  • These will keep well but only put the powdered natvia on before eating. 
These things are SO SWEET you'll forget they're not packed full of sugar. I may or may not have eaten too many and given myself a tummy ache. Bad idea, but still- healthy low cal sweet treat. Just don't eat more than say 3 at once? I used the tofuXpress to make this but anything that will allow you to cut squares will do just fine...
I love the lid, so useful- and it came out beautifully!
Just the right size for making desserts.
I hope this gives you some ideas- there are endless agar agar possibilities. I'll post my rosewater agar agar/'turkish delight' tomorrow- they're definitely going to be a regular dessert in our house. If you don't have rosewater and agar agar in the house go grab some! you're going to want to try this recipe. Stay well until then.

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  1. I am going to get rosewater & agar agar!!! :) So excited!

  2. Oh my, these look delicious!
    I hope you are doing okay, lovely :)

  3. These look like something I'd love and they're so easy to make! You have the best recipes. :)

  4. So interesting! I actually have a package of agar agar in my cupboard but it's in like a fibrous brick type shape, not powdered. Not sure what to do with. Also not sure why I bought it. But these look really fun!

  5. Such a creative idea! And not packed with sugar? SOunds like a perfect sweet treat to me!


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