Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Grapes and Pomegranate

I'm about half way through putting all my recipes into my RECIpage for you all! It's a pain and takes time but I think it'll be worth it. In the mean time here's a pretty pic.

My fruit looked so gorgeous I had to take a pic, it's not a recipe just fresh and a great combo.

Grapes + Frozen Pomegranate = Heaven
All the best,

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  1. What a lovely plate of fruit! YUM! Keep up the good work, you are doing great! Can't wait to check out the recipes when you are done uploading :)

  2. Grapes and pomegranate--sounds like a great combination!

  3. I have never seen frozen pomegranate! Looks super great and fresh.

  4. Hormones.......I know all about those! Read it's my ovaries stupid by Elizabeth vliet.
    Get all your hormones tested and get that book!!

  5. Oh, that fruit does look perfect. As far as weigh-ins, I'm right there with you. At least this week you netted a loss. That's a positive thing!

  6. You are doing very well :) <3

  7. Thanks for the sweet comments you've left on my posts lately - I really appreciate it. Things are rough right now, but I know it doesn't last forever (or at least, God I hope not!)

    Are those grapes frozen? If not, you should try it!


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