Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Calorie Counting & Daily Salad

Do you count calories? Can you count calories and stay sane? (if so please let me know how!) or does counting calories tip you over the edge... I think it's the last straw that sends me into crazy OCD restricting mode.

I've been keeping my food diary- that in itself is wonderfully positive for me, just being more aware of what I eat and when. Then was tempted to see how much I'd been eating so I back counted the calories- they were low. I was happy. I realised how easy it was to eat very few cals on this diet.

Then I started counting cals before eating instead of after. Bad idea. Restricting is mighty tempting. I think I need to stop counting calories again and just keep a food log. 
I stopped weighing myself daily- that one's another temptation in the back of my mind every time I walk past the spot I know they're hidden- yes I know its quite sad I have to hide the scales from myself. I can do that I should be able to stop counting calories again. 

My appetite has been very little, I've been eating minimally, I've been freezing cold- it's summer, thats not normal. My hair is falling out again. Houston we have a problem. I need to eat more, I know I need to eat more- the logical brain is still there, but I don't want to eat more. If I'm loosing so slowly at this rate then surely eating more would mean even slower losses. Maybe. Any tips for not feeling guilty for eating more?

I'm terrified of binging- I've been fighting the urge since all this family Christmas stuff began and I'm glad to say I've held firm but the act of eating more always has the ability to turn into a binge. Having said that stopping counting calories has that option too. Bah! stupid food. I just want to enjoy my food until I'm full and stick to low fat healthy whole vegan foods- you'd think that would be restricted enough for me wouldn't you?

I've been having huge salads for lunch recently, they're great for getting in enough veggies.

The Daily Salad with 'Cheesy' Dijon and Herb Dressing

Here's one with tomato, celery, cucumber, lettuce, spinach and my new favourite dijon, herb and nutritional yeast dressing. Yum Yum Yum. 

This was just what I had left in the fridge but it tastes good with anything. The whole huge plate plus dressing was approximately 100 cals. Full of goodness and a dieter's best friend. 

Hope you're all getting your veggies in! xxx
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  1. I count calories. I used my fitness pal for it.. but sometimes I just don't .. If I am eating the same thing for days- or cant manage to get the time to figure it out.
    My eating habits are very disordered so I have no tips to give away I am afraid.
    I don't know if you saw my post about intuitive eating. The book and the page have loads of tips and good ideas so maybe you should have a look at that.

    Dont worry about the binges - they normally happen if you focus on it.. Just keep going and you will be fine :)

  2. I've never counted calories... no good at maths! If you stick to whole, natural foods - get a balance of all the macro nutrients - and follow the 80/20 rule you can't go wrong. Dessert is a must! :)

  3. I count calories, even when I try not to, but I'm so slap-dash that I round up to the next ten, because I'm not organised enough to count properly! I think it definitely encourages you to eat less though, so maybe you should stop?
    Hair falling out isn't good :/ maybe instead of eating more in each sitting, have more sittings, but the same amount as you would normally have at each :) that way you will be less likely to binge :)
    Lottie x

  4. I never count calories. Never have & never will because that would bring out my OCD, too. A food log, though, I do and like it.

    If you do binge, stick to low fat, whole foods. I've found I lose weight faster on the weeks when I actually eat more. It just has to be healthy, low fat food. :)


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