Thursday, November 17, 2011

True Hunger = Heightened sense of Taste

I made a header for my blog! What do you think? It makes me hungry. The top row is breakfasts, the second and third are a mixture of lunches and dinners and the bottom row is desserts! 

I thought I'd take the time to review some of the info I have on my diet tips page since I've been trying to focus more on only eating when I'm truly hungry. 
Isn't it amazing how everything tastes better when you're truly hungry? I think its wonderful. The human body never ceases to amaze me, the human mind however seems to want to fight it.

I thought I'd just give you a re-cap of what I think true hunger is- you know this may be more for my benefit than yours but hey, I thought some of you might find it useful too!

What do I think hunger is? Stomach pain, hollow feeling, nausea, tired, foggy, slow, unco, headache, blurred vision, growling tummy, rippling, burping, faint, physical discomfort.

· Comes on at regular times
· Usually 4 hrs after a meal
· ALL food looks good- yes, even vegetables!
· Want whole foods
· Sweet cravings are satisfied by fruits/sweet potato

· Comes on at irregular times
· Appears shortly after heating
· Only specific foods sound satisfying- picky wants
· Cravings for refined sweets are common
· Digestive upset can cause it
· Hunger due to emotions or fatigue

· Low blood sugar
· Irritation of stomach lining- stretched stomach = grumbles & hunger pains
· Addictions- sugar, caffeine, refined white carbs etc
· Discomfort of the body utilizing reserves
· Desire for stimulation- physical/mental
· Genuine need for nutrients expressed by cravings for foods with diluted amounts of that nutrient.
· Tiredness
· Thinking about/seeing/smelling food = activates appetite NOT hunger
· Habit- regularity of meal times etc

*Drink/walk/sleep test*
When you think you’re feeling true hunger but need to be sure- take a 15 min break before eating. Go for a walk, take a nap or have a drink- distract yourself for 15 mins. If the hunger intensifies it’s true, if not wait. Read, music, dvds, exercise, clean etc.

Acknowledge your emotions- monitor emotions before, during, after eating- be mindful of emotional eating.

Eat SLOWLY- make it last at least 20 mins (takes time for your body to register it’s no longer hungry)

Enjoy every forkful- savour the moment, try to put down your fork after every bite.

The stomach gauges fullness by VOLUME not weight. Thus water content of food is important. Raw veg and soups are great- they add water/keep water content and increase satiety. Increase volume with the minimum calories.

Nutrients (biochemically full) + fibre (mechanically) = fullness

Variety and texture are important. Liquid calories drunk with food don’t count! These are just extra cals, when the water is IN the food or blended with the food (soup) it keeps you full for longer and with less calories.

If you’re willing to eat something you don’t like- you’re really truly hungry!
Make sure you want to eat an apple/carrot/almonds/lettuce/celery etc before deciding you’re hungry. 
Brainstorm things you don't like and test yourself before you decide to eat.
For me that's *Bitter melon, artichoke, grapefruit, bamboo shoots, bean-curd, canned asparagus, mushy school dinner vegetables, brussel sprouts, overcooked cabbage*

The taste and feeling of super salads after breaking a fast is what food should taste like. Salt, fat and sugar alter your pallet- you get accustomed to the foods you eat. If you abstain from sugar and salt you will become much more sensitive to them.

True Hunger should be about 2hrs after snack, 4 hrs after meal.
False Hunger- your body has NO Nutritional need for it- IT'S A TRICK!!

Marketing, advertising, manipulation, fat-sugar-salt addiction, CUES- TRIGGERS memory etc. Big food is the enemy, they don’t care you’ll die fat. $

Overfull= pain, stretching, tired, can’t breathe deeply, can’t lie on stomach or tense core muscles without feeling sick.

FULL is the enemy! The aim is to get rid of the hunger, not get full.

Wait until you can hear your hunger- but this isn’t always accurate! Your stomach could be stretched or just digesting (or gas!)

Only eat at the table - NO TV/books & leave when done! No distractions, no eating on the run, while working etc if you don’t have the time to sit down and eat a proper meal- don’t eat yet!

Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re not! Don’t eat till you’re stuffed, you don’t need that much food.

Food can NOT fix anything except HUNGER! If you're eating your emotions just deal with whatever’s wrong.

Don’t use food as a drug- don’t self medicate.
It’s not magic, FOOD IS FUEL, do not use it as a distraction or to numb pain.
Food cannot cure you of emotions- only temporarily distract you.
DRUG= Zone out of life

Clean slate each meal- every minute, every hour, every day! No ‘well I’ve blown it now- I may as well eat a house’ mentality.
The all or nothing mindset is more destructive than anything else.
Find joy in positives (no matter how small) Be satisfied with your effort. Be proud of your consistency.
Destructive, negative, unrealistic thinking sets off a negative spiral.
Celebrate interim successes- Baby Steps- be proud! Nurture, encourage yourself.
Try tallying how many times you eat certain foods over a week- try to reduce that number the next week rather than focusing on perfection & beating yourself up.

Shake up routine to help break bad habits- switch meals etc
You are NOT HUNGRY most of the time you think you are!! Just because it smells/looks/tastes good doesn’t mean you’re physically hungry- just mentally stimulated, activating your appetite.

Stress, anxiety, emotions, bad situation- food is not a drug to get rid of feelings- it’s just food. You can & should enjoy it but not rely on it.

Discomfort is ok. Valid. Not harmful. Change is good.
You can create new automatic actions- you give the food power. You can take it back!
There is no magic pill/diet- give it up.

* Eat unrefined foods that are nutrient and fibre rich ONLY when truly hungry *

What do you think true hunger is? 
How do you decide when to eat and when to stop?
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  1. I adore the new header! It makes me hungry too :) It looks so good sweety. Your entire blog is adorable actually!

    I find the true/false hunger thing fascinating. For me, if I'm pining for anything milky or sweet, I know it's not true hunger. If I'm pining for a fresh pear or grapes it usually means I'm thirsty. However, if I want beyond anything else to eat celery, melon or steamed vegetables, I know I'm starving!

    Horray, you're online, love you millions darling,
    Adeline xx


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