Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mint Sauce, Capsicum Sauce & Apricot 'Jam'

The word of the day is flap-doodle! Now you all have a hint of a smile I can move onto food :)

I grew up in the U.K. but now live Australia. There are few English foods that I miss but roast veggies and mint sauce is one of them. The stuff you can buy is full of sugar and salt so I thought I'd make my own. This is mint sauce not jelly- I was thinking of agar agar-ing it to make it jelly like but that's for another time.

Mint Sauce
2 cups apple cider vinegar
4 cups fresh mint
Stevia to taste
  • Blend and enjoy!
I like this as a dip, in a marinade, as a sauce with tofu, with veggies, with grains- pretty much with anything that's not sweet. If you like it smoother just process it for longer- personally I like to see the mint- feels good to know its proper food rather than green food colouring.
The vinegar is tangy but not too strong, not sure if this would work with normal white vinegar, I have a feeling you might have to change the ratios.

Another sauce I've made recently is a roast capsicum dip/sauce/dressing. I eat it with everything, its sweet but savory, great with pasta, veggies, tofu, legumes, beans even as a salad dressing! or you could be all traditional and have it as a dip with crackers.

Capsicum Sauce
2 cups Roasted Capsicum strips (I used the ones from a jar but you could be good and roast your own)
1/4 cup Nutritional yeast
Dried Paw Paw seeds or Pepper to taste
  • Blend all ingredients to desired consistency (I made it smooth but it would be awesome chunky too)
This keeps well in the fridge, well as long as it lasts because it tastes so good.

Apricot 'Jam'
(ok, you've got me, its not really jam- its cheats no added sugar jam)
1 cup hot water
1 cup dried apricots- chopped
4 tsp vanilla extract
  • Soak apricots in hot water overnight
  • Add vanilla extract
  • Blend to desired consistency
  • Enjoy in place of jam
I love this but hubs wasn't so keen- I think if you're making it for people who need a big sugar hit you could add some stevia to it. But seriously, dried fruit is plenty sweet enough for me.. 3 dried apricots and I start to feel it. Anyway, this keeps well in the fridge- just like jam.

I've fallen in love with the idea of getting a bunny. Unfortunately I live in a first floor apartment and it would be cruel and unusual punishment for a little bunny. Needless to say there is now another reason I can not wait till I have a garden.

Have a wonderful day! xxx
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