Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grilled Cheeze- Everyday Happy Herbivore

I got my copy of Everyday Happy Herbivore in the mail! I was so excited and to my delight so was my husband. I never thought I'd see the day when he was as excited as I was to get a fat free vegan cook book. He demanded we try this recipe whilst in the middle of eating another dinner. Needless to say I managed to convince him to have it the next night instead but I thought I'd share his excitement with you. 

He ate his with tabasco sauce and said next time (and you can be sure there will be a next time) he'll be having them with his 3 minute rich and spicy tomato soup. Basically they were a low fat vegan hit that he'll be having again and I'll be using it as a sauce for my veggies or as a cheesey pasta sauce. 

This recipe was so yummy that he didn't quite get that he could eat it and not feel guilty, when he was done he sat back and rubbed his tummy and said that's a great treat! I can't wait till the next time I can have that, said with a dreamy look thinking of the far off future. Though I'm not sure he'd appreciate me saying it it was too cute.
Grilled Cheeze
Everyday Happy Herbivore Pg 78
So we all know I can't stick to a recipe- I used aesofatida instead of the onion and garlic powder and mixed herbs instead of dill and millet flour instead of white whole-wheat and arrowroot instead of cornstarch because it's what we had in the house. But the basic idea of nutritional yeast + soy milk + flour stayed intact.

Things I liked about this recipe:
The texture/consistency was like gooey melted cheese minus the stringyness.
The flavours we way better than cheese, herby, onioney awesome.
It's so much healthier (and lower cal than cheese!)
There's a calorie count for every recipe in these books- I LOVE this (even if I change things like using lite soy milk and edit them) it makes life much easier.

Things I wasn't so keen on:
I think this recipe makes enough for 4 sandwiches not 2, perhaps US bread is bigger than Aussie bread? Ours was approximately 12 x 15 cms and there was heaps! Not that that's such a bad thing, this tastes great with veggies as a dip or left overs thinned out a little would make the perfect sauce.

All in all we'll be making this again, quite possibly tomorrow. If you're missing cheese you should definitely try this recipe. 

Hope you're all well and happy :) xxx
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  1. Thanks so much for the review on this recipe! It's one of the first ones that caught my eye when I was perusing the book. It looks great, and you're right, leftovers are always a plus. :)

  2. Glad you liked the recipe -- and that bread is from the island of St. Maarten where I lived when I wrote the book. The island is french/dutch and it was made locally. So its not US bread :-)


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