Thursday, November 24, 2011

EAT TO LIVE-Dr Joel Fuhrman & Jillian Michaels DVD

I've been reading Dr. Joel Furhman's Eat to Live and I've decided to give a low fat plant based diet a go. It has the potential to work...I did some rough calorie counts and it ranges from 1000-1500 calories. If I supposedly need 2000 calories a day that would result in a 0.5-1kg loss per week. I've been doing some other reading that encourages an extremely low fat diet so I've decided to cut out the nuts/avocado that 'eat to live' suggests too. 

It isn't too different to how i'm eating now, I just need to focus on portion sizes of carbs and increase my fruit and vegetable intake. If I can't stick to it it's not going to kill me to eat more starchy veg or whole grain carbs- better them that fats right? Sounds healthy to me. One way to find out I's a quick overview of what I'm thinking of doing. What do you think? 

Raw vegetables
1 lb

Cooked green vegetables
1 lb

Other non-starchy vegetables


1 cup

4 serves

Whole-grains/Starchy Veg
1 cup

Ground Flax/Chia
1 tbsp

Soy Milk
1 cup

Fruit Salad
2 serves fruit (2c.)
Super Salad (1lb)
Flax (1/2 tbsp) + Veg Dressing
1/2 cup Whole-grains OR Starchy Veg
1/2 cup Beans/Legumes
Cooked Green Vegetables (1lb)
Assorted other non-starchy Veg
Flax (1/2 tbsp) + Veg Sauce
1/2 cup Whole-grains OR Starchy Veg
1/2 cup Beans/Legumes
Fruit Ice-cream
2 serves fruit (2c.) + 1 cup lite soy milk
For more info check out his website

I found a dvd I'd been thinking about buying at the library the other day. So yesterday when I really didn't feel like going to the gym I did Jillian Michaels- no more trouble zones workout. I can tell you now, it's great! 
If you're looking for a workout to do at home this is a good choice. All you need is a mat/carpeted floor and some hand weights. Its a circuit based workout that goes for 40 minutes and targets your bum, legs, arms, back and core. I'm sore and tight today which is always a good sign for a new workout. I found a great new exercise from it too- surrenders they get your heart rate up so quickly and work basically your whole body. I'll definitely be incorporating these into my workouts. Give them a go and you'll get it.
Have you tried any good workout dvds? Any suggestions? I had to give up my gym membership so I'm searching for ideas. 

Hope you're all well and enjoying life! xxx
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  1. That plan sounds great :)
    DVD sounds good, I have divina fit, which is quite good if you throw yourself into it, but if you're not in the mood it's easy to slack. The tummy exercises aren't great either.
    Lottie x

  2. That sounds awesome! Keep us updated :)


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