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Label reading is one of the most important skills you can develop in a vegan lifestyle. Finding out what the numbers mean, what the ingredients you don't understand are and the other names for non vegan ingredients is key. Finding 'accidentally vegan' food is often possible and whilst its not always healthy it is an option for a treat or having people over. My main point is READ THE LABELS!!! I know it sounds basic but even I forget sometimes. Don't fall into the trap of thinking I've been getting this for ages, I know this is vegan- not always! The ingredients change believe it or not and they don't always make it obvious and change the packaging, so double check! The bottom line is if there's something you don't know- a complicated word or iffy number just don't get it. Chances are its not going to be great for you and you can always check the ingredients and get it next time. Don't take the chance. The internet is a wonderful resource, you can find pretty much anything you need, just have a look over the non vegan additives on sites like this before you shop. There are lists of accidentally vegan foods too and vegan safe food lists- make use of the resources available :) and you can always shop online at places like the vegan store (maybe find one close to you though) Ok I think you get the point. Next!

You know what a sign of a good workout is? not being able to climb the stairs to your first floor apartment. Yes, thats right- I crawled. I'm in so much pain and I've got to say I love it. I worked hard and am proud of myself. Granted its been a long time since I lifted properly but still... 

BOOTCAMP 12-10-11 (indoors today- yay!)
(Warm up run indoor loop. Over 2 floors so running up & down stairs) x 3
Lunges- (walking lunges length of gym & sprint back x 3)  x 2
Squat warm up- ((Stand tall, touch toes, bend into full squat, raise arms straight above head & stand) x 10) x 2
(Squats with 20kg bbell on shoulders x 10) x 3
(Squats with 3 second hold at the bottom x 10) x 3
(Shoulder press with 10kg bbell x 10) x 3
Bench press (with no bench, on floor) (x 10 then roll over and do 10 pushups) x 3
(Straight legged dead lifts with 20kg bbell x 10) x 3
Core work- roll outs? I don't know what they're called. (Your on your knees with your hands on the bar and you roll out as far as you can then use your core to pull yourself back in x 10) x 2
Boxing (10 sit ups, 10 punches) x 10
Posture exercise- Stand against wall. Yes I know it sounds like nothing but it hurts after a while. Stand with heels, bum, upper back, shoulders, head, arms, hands, thumbs against wall. Engage core & hold it. Especially after the weights you'll feel it.
Walk home relaxed pace 20 mins.
Not sure about the calories burned. My monitor needs a new battery. But in the past this workout has burned the same as the others so I'm guessing about 800. I'm happy with it anyway. 

I got some sprouts, its fun to do and cheaper and yummier than the ones from the supermarket, I really suggest you give them a go. All you have to do is rinse them through a couple of times a day and they spring to life! :)

Sprouts Day 1
Sprouts Day 5
I also got some jars! I love jars, I know it may sound silly to some people but I really really like having matching pretty jars for my food. I haven't fully changed them over but when I have I'll share my ordered cupboards and fridge with you.
Close up they have pretty fruity designs on them...
They were only $1.50, $2 & $3 each- how can you go wrong?!
I also grabbed a cute ice cream dish, there's nothing quite like topping off a special dessert in a special dish! Makes my food taste better I think. Its not too big and was only $2
I've decided that desserts should be part of my life. Healthy, yes but the simple act of having something after dinner makes me feel like I'm not being deprived. I'm realising this is a very mental game, just like lifting heavy weights, its all about the way you think about it. If you don't believe you can do it or don't feel up to it you won't do it. I need to keep myself positive and happy to make this diet work..(weight loss not vegan) so that the plan!

Hope you're all having a wonderful day! xxx

p.s. Yesterday's assessment went well, now I've got the presentation today and to teach one more class next tues then this assessment will be all done! Yay, only 4 more to go!
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