Thursday, October 6, 2011

VeganMOFO-6- Neat Salad & Bootcamp

Being cooked for by others is something that I failed to consider when I was transitioning into a vegan lifestyle. I had complete faith that others would respect my commitment and aid my food choices. The truth is it can be a challenge! Trying to explain all the restrictions to others and them getting it right is a big ask. Obviously this is specific to the person- some people are amazing and will double check things with you but for the most part I've found that people just don't care. If they accidentally put something non-vegan in it they will either not tell you or ask you to look the other way. I know you may feel bad but eating it just that once sends the wrong message. Everyone has their own line- some people are happy to pick things off for example and others are not. At the end of the day if your friends don't seem to grasp the idea- go out to eat. At least that way if there is any tension it won't be between you and your friends. Or better yet- have them round so you can cook! or a nice balance I often go for is bringing your own food- remember to bring enough for everyone so its a social action rather than an anti-social one. I've found this can be a great starting point when your friends have no idea what you can actually eat. Last but not least- don't get mad. Its not going to help anything and will just upset you! Give your friends time to adjust and don't give up :)
This is my nice neat salad lunch- this one's fairly self explanatory except the dips on the right.. top one is dijon mustard, next is blended marinated mushrooms (no oil) and the last is my homemade pesto and the things on the left are buckwheat crisp breads. Yum yum yum.

I love dijon and cucumber together- is it just me or does it taste more 'creamy' than other veg like celery? Its one of my fave snacks just like hummus and veggies, especially when you can't be bothered cooking!

Bootcamp yesterday was good, here's a rundown:
BOOTCAMP - 5/10/11 (11 degrees, working outside watching a gorgeous pink and purple sunrise.)
Warm up
Running the length of the bball court and walking back
3 x easy
3 x harder
3 x 75%
3 x 90%
3 x 100%
Sprint drills over 1/2 court & walk back to start
3 x kick bum
3 x high knees
3 x straight legs
3 x high skips with arms
BEEP TEST(shuttle run, multistage fitness test)
3.6 - shocking. Needs work. I was the 3rd person out (out of 11)
Tennis foot speed work
Ladder (1/3 court) *all done as fast as possible without tripping over*
3 x both feet in each segment
3 x one foot out and one foot to the left
3 x one foot out and one foot to the right
3 x traveling cross the ladder (both feet on the left, in the middle then to the right)
Suicides (touching all the lines & back to the start each time)
Backwards suicides (same but running backwards when returning)
Touching the peg - side runs at all the lines then back to the peg (running backwards when  going backwards)
Boxing rounds (6 ppl on corners & mid)
10 at each station and run to the next x 3 then switch.
Walk home 15mins relaxed
I wore my heart rate monitor again, I burned 938 cal- impressive no? good work out all round.

Hope you're all having a lovely day xxx
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  1. One of my close friends has asked me to come cook lunch with her sometime. I chose sweet potato & black bean enchiladas, because that will be a good example of how unexotic vegan food can be (but still really yummy). I greatly appreciate that she is interested, because most friends care but not enough to learn recipes.


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