Monday, October 24, 2011


Cook books can be life-savers..(and a money and time suck but whatever) They're great fun when you need to get excited about cooking or need some meal ideas. Some of my faves are:
Veganomicon- seriously amazing- I love the relaxed comfortable tone of this book and that it explains everything to you- a great one for starting off or if you need a little help. I'm not ashamed to admit I use it regularly to double check things. It has great variety too so you can use lots of recipes as a  jumping point to experiment with your own ideas. I love the Mediterranean baked lima beans and many many more.
Ani's raw food essentials- my first experiences in raw food- they're all so pretty and yummy. I haven't made as many as I would have liked yet due to time/money constraints but everything I have has been delish and energy giving. I also love that this book is full of healthy living tips. Completely looking forward to diving into this on again once uni is over.
Thrive- the vegan nutrition guide- This is a great book with heaps of info about eating well, its a really great read. Its more than a cook book- the end half of the book is recipes and a menu but its still one of my favourites. The direct fuel bites, smoothies and pizzas are great- Oh and the salad dressing! I love his salad dressings.
Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian- This book as wonderful variety- and its HUGE. I know its vegetarian not vegan but you can veganise things so easily. I've veganised many of her other recipes from her omni books (not hard, give it a go) and love them so I thought this book would be great. Surprisingly its even better than I was hoping for- it has not only indian veg recipes but a range from all over the world! In general I greatly reduce the fat content of all her recipes but they always still work. 
1000 vegan recipes- Another huge book, I find this one great for cooking for others- not sure why, perhaps the range and decadence? I've made loads of these recipes and they've always gone down well. Whenever I have no idea what I want I dig into this one and always end up with something that sounds good.
Vegan Yum Yum- Seriously, every vegan should own this. It's my husbands fave and he's the fussiest eater (& omnivore) I've ever met. Every recipe we've tried is great. If we're having the 'I want take-out' discussion we turn to this book and can always compromise on something yummy and healthy. Plus its cheap!
The Happy Herbivore- This one too. This is my new fave, I've only just got it but boy am I impressed. Its chock-a-block full of healthy, yummy, easy, vegan food. I love that these recipes are low fat but high flavour and satisfying. And that nothing's too hard to 'save for a weekend meal' I can whip these up up after a long day happily. Just my kind of cook book.
And now for some of my equally quick and easy food: 

Simple Zucchini Millet

1 Zucchini- chopped
1.5 cups Stock
1/2 cup Millet (cooked 1:3)
handful of fresh parsley
1 tsp braggs seasoning
  • cook millet in stock
  • chop and add zuc when millet is nearly done
  • season and enjoy.
Not the most inspired meal but it really did taste great. I can see myself having it again and rotating the veggies- speaking of which, if you don't like the veggies (or are trying to get kids/fussy husbands to eat theirs) try grating them and adding them to things like this or pasta sauces, risottos, baked goods etc. Never give up :)

I rested my leg this weekend but its getting worse not better! Before it was just really tight and sore, now the pain goes down the outside of my glute into my hamstring and behind my knee, and because I'm a stubborn fool who had to continue to do bootcamp I now have pain in my ankle from using poor running form. 

We walked (I limped) to the shops yesterday and I couldn't walk back- I was so glad to bump into my father in the supermarket and get a lift home! So after some loving pressure from my dear husband and father I skipped bootcamp this morning. I feel guilty but I wouldn't have been able to do much and the last 2 sessions I've pushed myself through have made it worse. Fingers crossed I'll be ok for wednesday's session. I hate feeling broken, its just plain frustrating.

All the best xxx
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  1. I love cookbooks! Veganomicon's one of my favourites & 1000 Vegan Recipes has been on my wish list for a while.


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