Thursday, October 13, 2011

VeganMOFO-10 & New Gym Routine

Today I shall give you a run down of things I find useful in my kitchen. Having the right appliances and utensils is far from necessary but they do make my life easier. Aside from the obvious pots, pans, cutlery and crockery here's a short list of things I'm very grateful to have in my kitchen:

Basic hand whisk- great for desserts, sauces, making egg substitutes etc
Salad spinner- obviously its for fun!...and getting nasties off your veggies
Silicone mat- great for baking/un-baking, roasting etc
Baking cake tins that un-clip- I don't know about you but not being able to get cakes out of tins annoys the hell out of me...even if the cake crumbs do still taste good.
Liquidizer/blender- I use this more in summer than winter but its great for soups and smoothies. Now I have the bamix I think I could live without this one- so its your call. But I really like its ability to crush ice on those hot summer days.
Juicer- If I lived alone I wouldn't have one of these but it was a wedding gift and its one of the few ways I can get veggies into my fussy hubby. So if you're getting enough veg and don't have family that you are encouraging to eat more you can pass on this one and enjoy the benefits of the fiber but for me, this is a great way to encourage my other half to up his fruit and veg intake.
Food processor- My wedding present from my husband :) Perfect gift. It has made my kitchen much more productive. I think having both the small and large bowl and cutter attachments is such a great time saver. My un-baking has been so much easier since getting this. I really think every kitchen can benefit from one.
Hand blender/bamix- Makes soups, sauces, dips, smoothies fun and easy! To be honest you could do with either this or the blender but I'm spoiled and have both.
Speed peeler/ spiral cutter- Essential for me but maybe not you- I'm a big kid, I like variety in my veggies and switching up how you cut them changes the texture and makes them more fun!  
Pressure cooker- Essential for cooking beans, lentils, grains, soups, stocks etc. I use this regularly and it cuts the cooking times down significantly. As an added bonus its electric so I don't have to watch it. 
Bamboo steamer- Cheap and easy, much better than boiling your veg- keeps the goodness in them not in the water.
Pestle and mortar/spice grinder- something to grind whole spices, seeds and nuts- freshly grinding your spices, seeds and nuts is definitely the way to go.
Tupperware/pyrex- having a variety makes it easy to take food with you and store things in the fridge/freezer.
Measuring cups- Something I use a lot for portion control- to each their own. 
Tea pot!- to make the best tasting tea ever...

I can't walk properly today. Today is officially a rest day. Stretching and walking is all that shall be happening. Do you want to know why I can't walk? of course you do.. its because after my crazy bootcamp session yesterday I went back for round 2! 
I really do have a love hate relationship with my trainer. He's the same one that takes bootcamp. After doing one hell of a bootcamp session, I then had to run through this, not all of it because I physically couldn't but just enough to get me to failure and learn it. 

So here you have my new gym routine, its a good one- I'm trying to shed fat and decrease my muscle size but keep the tone. You  should give it a go some time.
Gym Routine 12/10/11
Warm up- 10 min Jog/Cross trainer/Bike
Crossfit Triple x 3 -as fast as possible!
a.k.a (Run 400 m, 50 Squats, Dumbbell Shoulder Press x 20 @ 3-4kg) x 3
Assisted Chin ups 2-3 x 15-20 @ 15
Dumbbell Double Arm Swing 2-3 x 15-20 @ 8kg
Theraband External Rotation (for my dodgy shoulders) 2-3 x 10-12
Superset (no rest) of:
Dumbbell Sit ups (weight straight outstretched above head) 2 x 10-20 @ 10kg
Dumbbell Leg Raises 2 x 10-20 @ 10kg
Seated Posture Trainer on the swiss ball- lift one leg at a time without moving anything else!! 2 x 5-10 @ 3 second lift & hold.
Stretch it out and enjoy the rest :)

and something pretty I've been eating lately...

Tomato Salad
Baby spinach, Rocket, mixed tomatoes, roasted capsicum, spray of braggs liquid aminos.
Doesn't it just make you happy seeing the gorgeous colours of the tomatoes? Makes me smile.

Hope you're all well and enjoying your lives xxx
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