Monday, October 10, 2011


In the spirit of practising kindness here are some photos of the gorgeous flowers from around the apartment block that my darling neighbour brought me the other day. I was stuck inside doing homework on a beautiful sunny day and these really did make my day. I was so happy I put them on my desk and smiled every time I saw them... then moved them to the kitchen so I could look at them whilst I ate lunch. 
So after my work was done I decided to bake her chocolate cup cakes to say thank you! Obviously they were vegan and happened to be gluten free too- when she asked for the recipe because they were so good and I told her this she was amazed :) But I have to admit I did cheat- I used a packet mix! after my last 3 gluten free baking attempts/failures I wanted to get it right. So I can now officially recommend the 'well good' brand of chocolate mud cake mix. Its moist and wonderful... but slightly addictive.
And here they are in the beautiful morning light of the kitchen... use natural lighting for photography whenever possible!
Enjoy the little things in life :) xxx
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