Monday, October 3, 2011


Yes, thats right, I signed up for another bootcamp. I haven't blogged much about exercise before, aside from this post on a variety of my workouts ... but since I'm trying to let you get to know me more- why not? I did a bootcamp like this last year and quite enjoyed it, my personal trainer takes it and whilst I love/hate him I do trust him and feel secure in the crazy things he makes me do.. thinking about it, it probably helps that he's also a university lecturer in medical science.

I've done a stack of different things exercise wise in my life so far and loved them all (swimming, gymnastics, ballet, dance, waterpolo, diving, cycling, tennis, netball, softball, football, karate, weightlifting, pilates, yoga etc) but at the moment I'm sticking with a mix of gym work (weights and cardio) pilates, yoga and walking. The only thing I can't master is running. I love running- I have dreams about running free but alas I have a chest size that does not make running possible (14F/36F) so I stick to sprints and short runs so I don't end up a bloody mess (no- not exaggerating, its happened). 

Bootcamp is a great way to shake things up- its different to my normal gym stuff and a great workout. Feels like hell in the moment but afterwards you feel amazing for it.. so we're up again- 3 times a week for 4 weeks at the crack of dawn. Getting up at 5am is not the best part but I can suck it up for a month....

So today I got myself out of bed (surprisingly easily since the clocks just went forward an hour) and went through this in a 10 degree C stadium.

Warm up
Indian running laps of the stadium (3 basketball courts) x 2 (with 3 sprints each)
Sprint Drills: (1/2 length of a court)
kicking hands on bum x 3 walking back
high knees x 3 walking back
straight legs x 3 walking back
high skips with arms x 3 walking back
Circuit (Max reps in 10 mins)
Working with a partner and a 4kg medicine ball
Person #1- deep jump squats with medicine ball whilst throwing it to hit the basketball base board as high as possible x 10
Person #2- 10 pushups
Person #1 & #2 switch
then both partners run round the stadium (3 basketball courts) and you start again...
You do as many as possible in 10 minutes.. for us that was 4.5 and believe me it hurts.
Medicine Ball Throws over the width of a court with a partner
Overhead throw ins x 6
Backwards deep throw from between your knees x 6
forwards deep throw x 6
side throws x6 on each side
Boxing with partner- switch after every set so you both do all.
10 x 3 rounds of punching
10 x 3 rounds of fast punching
(10 normal, 10 high, 10 upper cuts) x 3
1 min continuous punching
& took a relaxed walked home (approx. 15 mins)
*I burnt 750 cals according to my heart rate monitor*
So that was how my morning started...bright and early and sweaty. Thank goodness for the post exercise high :)

I've been doing better than I had expected with my mission of self kindness. I've been meditating daily, taking relaxing walks, enjoying good music, eating well and enjoying my meals/tea on the balcony in the sunshine. They're all little things but together they are making such a difference... the difference between eating lunch on the run or standing in the kitchen and eating from a nice plate sitting in the sunshine savouring each bite is huge to me. The speed at which I'm eating has also declined, I think this is helping and I'm going to try and keep it up. I think this was a wonderful idea- even my other half has noticed the difference- apparently when you're kinder to yourself it shows? I suggest you all give it a go!

I hope you're all well and smiling :)
Lots of love xxx
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  1. I wish i were as determined as you...I really need to lose weight and I am having a really hard time motivating myself. You are quite the inspiration I must say :) <3


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