Monday, October 10, 2011

Banoffee Pie & Bootcamp

This weekend's been a bit up and down with food and practicing kindness has been tough. I've been struggling with eating because I want to loose weight and I'm exercising so hard but I tend to get a bit obsessive. Normally I would be ecstatic that I've lost 5kgs in 2 weeks, but when I get into that perfectionist frame of mind nothing is fast enough and I have to fight the urge to fast. It took me 30 minutes to eat my 125 calorie bowl of buckwheat and berries Saturday morning... I knew it was getting too much. So Sunday became my day to fix it. I ate the orange that I've been eyeing off for weeks (you know, skip afternoon tea, you don't really need it, dinner is only x hrs away) and added some nuts into my dinner. Small steps that manage to shift my frame of mind. I don't know why I derive pleasure from pushing my body to its limits, even if it hurts. It sounds crazy when I write it like that. Does anyone know what I mean? Any tips on keeping positive and healthy food habits?

Even though my behind is still sore from last bootcamp I was up again this morning for more fun!
BOOTCAMP - 10/10/11 (6 degrees c!)
Warm up
Running the length of the bball court and walking back
2 x easy
2 x harder
2 x 75%
2 x 90%
2 x 100%

Sprint drills over 1/2 court & walk back to start
3 x kick bum
3 x high knees
3 x straight legs
3 x high skips with arms
*disclaimer* I may have forgotten some, I'm exhausted.

Sprint drills- round 2
(Run baseline to net, run backwards to base line, turn to face the fence and side run to the net and back to the baseline) x 4
(Run from center peg and touch where it connects to the left outer line, run and touch right outer line, run through to the first outer line) x 4

With huge car tires:
Relay races- split into 2 groups (we only had 2 groups of 3 because everyone else decided to sleep in, slackers!)
(Run the length of the court carrying 1 tire) x 4

(Run the length of the court carrying tire over head) x 4
(Run the length of the court carrying 2 tires) x 4
(Run carrying 2 tires with a partner) x 4
(Rolling tires whilst running the length of the court) x 4

Boxing with a partner (you do it then switch- holding the focus pads is a workout too!)
(10 normal, 10 high, 10 upper) x 3
(10 punches then run the length of the bball court and back) x 4
(50 punches as fast as possible) x 3
(10 Squats, 10 punches) x 5

Walk my other half to the station 20 mins relaxed
I wore my heart rate monitor again, I burned 1008 cal and got my heart rate to 195.. good but no record- the highest I got it last bootcamp was 215. Pretty good seeing as my max HR should be 197 (220-age).

Now for some completely unhealthy food (oh no wait, the banana's good for you!)
This has been sitting as sitting as a draft for a while. Its not healthy but it is vegan and yummy. Good for the soul in small doses. Saying that it's so decadent that you really only need a baby slice... and a workout.

Makes 8 small servings or 4 man sized ones (I used my new tiny cake tin)
1 Sleeve of chocolate ripple biscuits
1 tsp instant coffee
pinch of salt
3 tbsp nuttelex
1/2 can soy caramel
2 baby bananas
1/2 can soy cream

  • crush biscuits
  • combine nuttelex, salt, coffee in bain marie (bowl over a pot of hot water)
  • add biscuits and combine well
  • press into base of tin (remember to put grease proof paper in the bottom! I forgot)
  • Stick in freezer for 30 mins
  • layer caramel over base
  • chop bananas and place into caramel
  • whip cream
  • add cream layer
  • refrigerate for 30 mins
  • Eat and enjoy
*this gave me a sugar headache after 1 tiny slice- be careful!*Personally I think this is a bit too much, but then sometimes we all need a bit too much. Hubby was happy so it all worked out well :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day! xxx
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