Saturday, September 10, 2011

Strawberry Lime Mocktail

I was feeling like a little something special so I decided to make my version of a drink I had with a friend the other night. I don't drink alcohol but i'm sure it would taste just as good with a splash of spirits.
Strawberry Lime Mocktail
1/2 glass Ice cubes
4 big strawberries
squeeze of lime
stevia to taste (depends on the strawberries!)
1/2 glass mineral water
  • fill the glass half full of ice cubes
  • combine strawberries, lime, stevia and 1/4 cup mineral water
  • mash until there are no more strawberry chunks (I just used a fork)
  • add the remainder of the mineral water and enjoy!!!
If I was making it for more than just me I'd break out the blender and obliterate the strawberries but if it's just for me I really don't mind some chunks, its actually quite nice and the flavour escapes into the drink as you can see by the beautiful colour.

*rant warning! feel free to skip* 
I appear to have a selective memory when it comes to eating out. I don't know if its my way of dealing with negative experiences- I can't really remember a lot of the bad things that have happened in the past, so perhaps? the point is whenever I go out to eat I regret it. I don't know how, but they manage to turn vegetables into junk food. I never learn my lesson. It tastes good in the moment but then you realise how much salt it had in it when you begin guzzling water and when you can't stop your leg from twitching you realise it must have had msg in it, then the headache and nausea kicks in to seal the deal. Sugar, Salt, Fat, msg, just bad bad bad. 

Why do I forget? Why do I think, no this time it will be ok? I'm sure the chef/server won't lie to me. I wish people wouldn't give you a hard time for ordering a salad or steamed veggies. Least then I wouldn't feel so rotten afterwards.  I guess people are still scared of my 'crazy vegan cooking' so we have to eat out. 

So I'm left with a dilemma- If I want a social life then I have to find a way to deal with this... I wonder if it's acceptable to drink green tea for dinner out then have proper food when I get home? Probably not...still, it would be safer. Either that or I must convince my friends I can actually cook yummy food. But when they're accustomed to eating macdonalds and I only add a tiny bit of salt and rarely sugar to my food I can see why we have differing opinions. I made a friend try my broccoli the other night because I thought it tasted unusually sweet and she couldn't taste it... hmmm

Having said all that, It was my fathers birthday today and we took him out to lunch as a treat and it was just lovely! granted I had to do some food stealing to make a decent meal (tomatoes and asparagus from dads roast and the roast veggies from the antipasto platter on top of my green salad) but it was a lot better than past experiences!

If anyone has any tips for eating out as a vegan I would love to hear them (I know there are veg places I can find but convincing other people to come with me seems to be the issue) I hope you're all well, enjoying your weekend and full of smiles xxx

p.s. THANK YOU so much to the people who gave me some feedback on the blog- I'll be working on improving it for you & me :)
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  1. Well my dear, although I eat largely vegan at home, when I go out I simply have to eat vegetarian! I also find that the more money I spend, and the more formal the place I go to, the healthier and cleaner the food they serve is.

    I'm not sure whether I have any advice, but I will say that having a social life is one of the most important ingredients in a balanced life, and so if sacrifices need to be made to ensure yours is flourishing, I say make them, even if you feel a little ill afterwards.

    One serving of fat and oil and salt will make you uncomfortable, but it won't truly harm you.

    Other than that, all I have to say is that I love you immensely!

    Adeline xx


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