Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Slim Me Noodle Tomato Spaghetti

After a longggggg choir rehearsal (we're talking almost 5 hours with a sore throat) the last thing I wanted to do was shop.. but when you have more than yourself to look after and your hubby is dying for junk food after a shocker of a week how can you say no to a shopping trip? This was my haul (his looked rather different as you can imagine)
A nice cheap pineapple ($2 and big!), ripe discounted tomatoes, strawberries, stuffed olives, coconut aloe water, buckwheat crisps, slim pasta (in spaghetti and angel hair)
I was amazed to see these- I've never seen the before and they look like a dieters dream
Slim Noodles! :)
they're more like noodles if you ask me but for the calories how can you complain?!?! Its made from a vegetable flour called Konjac, its a veggie like a yam apparently and some soy in the spaghetti one. They don't have much flavour of their own so you need to put it with a good sauce but neither does pasta/noodles really. I'm totally buying more! They're more akin to noodles so if you dive in with that expectation they won't disappoint. Just don't overcook them! they only take 1 min or they get this weird harder texture (the opposite of pasta)

Slim Me Noodle Tomato Spaghetti
1 packet (technically 2 serves but who's counting? not me!) of slim me noodles
1/2 can chopped tinned tomatoes
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
lots of ground paw paw seeds or pepper
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
10 olives (pimento stuffed and drained)
small handful of oregano
little bit of sage
  • cook sauce frist but put a pot of water on to boil
  • combine tomatoes, tom paste, nutritional yeast, vinegar, olives and paw paw seeds
  • simmer for 5 mins
  • add herbs
  • rinse noodles well (its in water like tofu)
  • heat noodles for 2 mins, drain and put in sauce
  • Mix through and enjoy with some veggie hopefully!
This was satisfying and filling in a way that rice noodles can't do, you know what I mean? It was just what I needed after a long day. I can see this with added protein (tofu/beans/lentils?) being a great post workout meal... or a great anytime meal, just with more veggies!

And for the second find of the night- Coconut and Aloe water. Let me just say, the lid did not lie. It was delish! 
Sweet, refreshing, creamy with some fibre for fun! Its strong though- I could only manage half of it. Works for me, 2 serves in one bottle :) and the bottle is so cute, glass, cute shape so I decided to remove the label and keep in in the fridge. It has berry ice tea in it at the mo and is a nice addition to my pretty glass jar collection (it may be an addiction but more on that another day)

Have any of you tried slim noodles? have you heard of the konjac flour? are there any other versions of this product? I'm interested... any opinions on it? good/bad?

Hope you're all well xxx
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  1. Really interesting find. I only know of konjac root as glucomannan, with all the standard benefits of fiber on fullness, blood sugar level, hormones, etc.

  2. Hey, looks like a delish dinner! Which supermarket did you buy the pasta from? I'm from Aus too (Melbourne) and was wodnering if I could get it at Coles/Woolies, or whether I need to scour some healthfood stores instead.
    Thanks, and keep up the healthy work :)

  3. Your pasta looks so good! I've never seen slim pasta and never heard of konjac. Come to think of it, I've never seen coconut aloe water either. I love what the lid says! :o)
    Thank you so much for all of your recipe suggestions for Tony. I think he will really enjoy some of those! I can't wait to try them out!

  4. Thanks guys :)
    anonymous- I got it from my local foodworks- I'm yet to see it in woolies or coles but it was on a current affair apparently so they're likely to catch on soon. However you can buy it from their website: http://www.slimpasta.com.au/


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