Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oops! & Soups

Guess who managed to flood the bathroom?

Yeh, thats right, I'm that smart. I forgot to put the pipe for the washing machine in the bathtub and it went allll over the floor. And since we live on the first floor not only did it effect us but the neighbours that live below us too! It went all down their bathroom and study wall. I'm just praying we don't get in trouble with the estate agent. And it drys ok and their ceiling isn't ruined... fingers crossed. I can't believe I was so silly. I should have taken a photo! It would have been great, shame I was too busy freaking out and mopping it up with towels. I have an exam today I was studying for- I was so tuned into my work I didn't even hear the water. Deary me.

Food-wise I tried Amys soups for the first time yesterday.... 
I had a no chicken noodle soup for lunch 
and pasta and 3 bean for dinner... and some extra veggies because they're only approx 250 cals per can- which is meant to be 2 serves? I missed that bit -it was one medium bowl to me and I still needed more. Maybe it serves 2 children?
So the verdict- I can make better or at least the same quality for a good deal cheaper. Lucky I got these on sale or I'd be quite annoyed. I mean seriously they usually go for $6(au) for a can of soup!? I was expecting them to taste amazing the way people talk about them. The flavour was good but the onion content was a really bad idea for my tummy. I don't understand why people love these so much. The only time I can ever see me buying them again is if I'm going camping or away somewhere where I require food that stores and travels well. 

Having said that if you're comparing these to something like cup-a-soup I can say these win hands down. All in all I'm defrosting my sweetcorn soup for dinner tonight- I think making batches and freezing them is a much better way to go.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! xxx
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1 comment:

  1. Oh my lord!!! You silly thing, away with the fairies were you?

    I find the whole situation hilariously cute.

    Adeline xx


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